Vesicular Stomatitis


California Vesicular Stomatitis Update

Eighteen new affected premises have been identified in Riverside, San Diego and San Bernadino Counties, bringing the total number to 44.
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California Vesicular Stomatitis Update

Seven new VSV-affected premises have been identified in San Diego and Riverside Counties.
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Vesicular Stomatitis Identified at 15 California Premises

Vesicular stomatitis has been confirmed in horses in Riverside and San Diego counties.
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Vesicular Stomatitis—What You Need to Know from a Vet in the Heart of It

Joe Stricklin, DVM from Greeley, Colorado, sat down with us to talk about vesicular stomatitis. Here’s what you need to know about this currently active disease.
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Barn Fly Facts

Are you and your horse plagued by barn flies? Take our quiz to test your fly IQ.
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