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Bits That Go Ouch

Gain insight into three common problem bits with the potential to pinch, poke, or otherwise make your horse wince. Plus learn how your bit works on your horse’s mouth for a happier ride.
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Brad Barkemeyer

Saddle Pads Made Simple

Think you know everything there’s to know about saddle pads? Think again! Brush up on your knowledge for a happier, more comfortable horse.
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Selecting a Western Breast-Collar

Learn the ins and outs of breast collars to become a specialist on this popular piece of riding equipment.
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horse bit in mouth

Is It the Bit?

If a horse is sticking out his tongue only when bridled, it’s most likely because the bit is bothering his mouth, explains top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight
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More Tips to Stretch Your Tack Budget promo image

More Tips to Stretch Your Tack Budget

Use these tips next time you need to update your tack room.
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Going the Distance: Endurance Riding promo image

Endurance Riders' Secrets

Learn endurance riders' secrets to stay comfortable while spending hours in the saddle.
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