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Flag Work Fundamentals

Working a flag is a great way to simulate cow work without having to use live cattle. Brad Barkemeyer shows you how you can safely introduce your horse to working a flag to help him become more confident working cattle.
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Herd Work Basics

Learn a little more about herd work from world champion trainer Brad Barkemeyer.
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Rate and Speed Control Matters

Rate or speed control is essential for all horses, but especially reiners in their rundowns. Here’s why rate matters and how to maintain it.
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Time For An Upgrade

There comes a time when you just need more horse. Use these tips to ensure that your upgrade will get you where you want to be.
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Say ‘No’ to Negativity

When negativity enters your mind or naysayers darken your perspective, don’t let them keep you from achieving your riding goals.
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Sharpen Your Corners

This often-overlooked concept can make or break your pattern work. Bonus: Use it to square-up your horse’s shoulders.
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The Finished Rollback

Bob Avila discusses the finer points of the finished rollback.
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Exercise: Straightness for Lead Changes

Use this exercise to improve your straightness for lead changes.
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Must-Have Bits

Read about my MVBs—most valuable bits—and why I wouldn’t walk into a tack room that didn’t have these options.
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The Prospect Gamble

Are you an all-in risk-taker? Or a more conservative speculator? It matters when shopping for young horses.
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Bob Avila riding a palomino in an outdoor arena.

Mistakes Horse Buyers Make

Save yourself trouble and heartache by learning from the eight horse-buying mistakes I see buyers make all too often.
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