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Winter weather

Volume 34 | Winter Survival Guide

Prepare yourself and your horse for the cold season with our winter survival guide.
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Why Owning Horses in a Blizzard is a Ball of Fun

How and why winter horse ownership tests our limits.
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Trivia Challenge:                     Blankety-Blank!

Answer the questions below, then check farther down for the key. For more on blanketing your horse, read H&R’s October e-newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up at bottom.)
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Solve Blanket Problems

Readers share their blanketing concerns, and we help solve them. Learn from their situations to pick the right cover for your horse this winter.
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Tips for Winter Grooming

Ensure your horse is warm and dry in the cold and the snow with these winter grooming tips.
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Horse Blanket Care

Extend the life of your blanket investment with expert tips on care and repair.
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Help Your Horse Overcome Cold-Weather Challenges

Don't let winter weather keep you from enjoying time in the saddle. Here we talk about six potential cold-weather challenges you might face as a horse owner, and how you can keep them from happening.
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