The Fundamentals of Longeing

Professional horse trainer Anthony Leier explains why the fundamentals of longeing are an important part of your young horse’s training.

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More About Anthony Leier

Anthony Leier is no stranger to the winner’s circle or to training young horses. He has had unparalleled success in the yearling longe line events. The preparedness of the young horses that come out of Leier’s yearling program enables them to move on seamlessly into the under saddle events. He currently owns and operates Leier Performance Horses in Gordonville, Texas. 

Anyone working with a foal, weanling, yearling, or previously untouched horse can benefit from Leier’s new training video series on Horse&Rider OnDemand+. Over the course of the series, he covers important topics like:

  1. Introduction to Weanlings and Yearlings
  2. Preparing a Maiden Mare
  3. Halter Breaking and Weaning
  4. Types of Halters to Use on Foals
  5. Teaching a Yearling to Tie and more!

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