Winning Insights: Warwick Schiller Part 4

Warwick Schiller gives advice on how to get your horse to stop "hating" things like brushing, worming, and other small tasks.

This episode of the Winning Insights, a bonus series of The Ride podcast, is brought to you by Warwick Schiller Attuned Horsemanship.

In the 4th episode of this 4-part series, Warwick gives his advice on getting your horse not to “hate” things like worming, brushing, and other small tasks. To learn even more from Warwick, enter the giveaway for a chance to win a subscription to Warwick Schiller Attuned Horsemanship!

Contest Details:

  • THREE lucky winners!
  • Grand Prize: Yearly Subscription to Warwick’s Online Video Library
  • 2nd Place: Online Lesson With Warwick & 3 Free Months of Subscription
  • 3rd Place: One Month Free Subscription & T-Shirt 


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