2024: A Year for Mastery with Horse&Rider OnDemand’s New Masterclasses

At Horse&Rider, we’ve been bringing you the educational and informational content that you need for your Western horse life since 1961. We take pride in being your go-to source for everything you need to thrive as a horse owner. Horse&Rider is a one-stop-shop for today’s Western horse owner. With coverage of some of the biggest Western events, and trusted professionals as contributors, we have it all. This includes Horse&Rider OnDemand, an online platform that brings you training content from top trainers in the industry.

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Horse&Rider OnDemand Masterclasses

Horse&Rider OnDemand

When we created Horse&Rider OnDemand, our goal was to bring you training content from some of the best trainers in the industry, that you could access from the comfort of your home. With access to training tips from a variety of disciplines, and the ability to watch content from your computer or phone, Horse&Rider OnDemand has been designed for you. Whether you’re a reiner, cutter, all-around competitor, ranch rider, or just looking to brush up on your basic horsemanship, we have training tips for you.

OnDemand Masterclasses

We are excited to announce that big things continue to happen at Horse&Rider OnDemand, as we listen to your feedback and continue our mission of helping every Western horse owner to succeed. That’s why we developed the masterclass concept. Find out what you can expect from this concept, and how the Horse&Rider OnDemand training platform can benefit you, below.

“Our vision for Horse&Rider OnDemand has always involved having the best training content from the top professionals in the industry, made accessible to everyone from beginners to experienced riders. I believe our new masterclasses will help our audience see progress in their riding goals and training, while following a step-by-step guide designed for Western riders, by Western riders.”

Nichole Chirico
Editor | Horse&Rider

What is a Masterclass?

In each masterclass, you can expect a series of videos that will help you master a concept from start to finish. Videos for each masterclass will release all at once, a benefit to any binge watcher. These classes are designed to help you build the foundation to succeed. They are filmed to help you master a concept, maneuver, or discipline from start to finish,

Viewers can expect crystal clear, high-resolution footage and step-by-step instruction from some of the top professionals in the industry. Access videos from your computer or phone, and rewatch to your heart’s content.

Coming Soon: Steer Stopping Masterclass

Horse&Rider OnDemand will soon release the first masterclass, featuring a breakdown of the steer stopping event with Brad Barkemeyer. Learn the in’s and out’s of this event that is rapidly growing in popularity, from a well-respected and accomplished horseman. Designed to help you succeed from start to finish, our Steer Stopping Masterclass actively guides participants through the learning process. Brad walks you through the entire process, with videos ranging from the basics to advanced maneuvers.

[Find more from Horse&Rider OnDemand HERE]

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