2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts at a Gallop! Your guide to holiday shopping for horses and their people.

Rancher 5 Star Saddle Pad

Sometimes you need a little something extra to protect your horse’s back during ranch work or extended excursions. But who wants to double-pad or do a lot of cinching? 5 Star Equine comes to the rescue with the Rancher 5 Star Saddle Pad, handmade in the USA. Specially engineered for roping and other ranch activities—as well as those long trail rides we all love—it is designed to be used alone.

The pad’s extra-thick 1-1/8″ wool eliminates the need for double padding while reducing cinching. The Rancher is 100% pure wool without any synthetic materials—the better to wick away sweat and remove excess heat from under the saddle. Available in four different sizes (30″ W x 28″ L, 30″ W x 30″ L, 32″ W x 32″ L, or 32″ W x 30″ L), all with a square skirt, and in your choice of either natural or black. For a one-of-a-kind pad with built-in back protection, unlimited customization options are also offered. www.5starequine.com


This holiday season, consider giving the riders on your gift list the feeling of security with a BOOMA® Rein. It’s a helpless feeling when one loses the reins, as it can mean losing control of the horse. Worse yet, the horse’s legs can become entangled in the dangling reins. Yet it can happen any time the horse throws his head or stretches down to graze, among other scenarios.

The BOOMA® Rein is a flexible rein keeper created specifically to address this dilemma. Because it tethers the reins to the pommel or swell of the saddle, they can’t slip over the horse’s head and are always accessible, always within reach. Constructed of durable, water-resistant polypropylene, the BOOMA® Rein is easily adjusted to fit any horse or rider. It attaches with an included carabiner O-ring, making it convenient for trail riding, training or everyday riding. Beginner riders will especially appreciate it! In addition, it can be attached directly to the reins for roping, barrel racing or other high-intensity activity. To learn more about the BOOMA® Rein or to order, call 402-440-5108 or visit the website. Boomarein.com

Cowboy Kid Wade Saddle

When you’re a horse-loving youngster, there’s one gift that’s nearly as treasured as an equine of your own: the saddle of your dreams. For the young rider who also happens to be a serious competitor, Cashel is now offering a serious youth saddle. Like all Cowboy Kid Saddles, it is built to stand up to use, with trees and rigging sturdy enough for ranch work. Though tailored for those who wear Western jeans from size 4 to 14, these saddles can be adapted to fit many riders by adjusting stirrups and adding a seat shrinker. A secure seat pocket, rough-out leather and kid-friendly proportions are a few of the features that help a young rider maintain correct position and balance. In addition, the Wade promotes closer contact, with a traditional cowboy design, a slightly larger horn cap to secure the rope, and a high cantle for added security. For more information, call 800-333-2202 or visit the website. www.cashelcompany.com

Sally Loves Horses

Young girls and horses: It’s a winning combination—and it’s also the focus of “Sally Loves Horses.” Heralded as “breakout” juvenile fiction, this children’s picture book is part of Jody Mackey’s girl-empowering Sally Loves® series. At the heart of this beautifully illustrated book is an inspiring story about an active young girl, horses and a wonderful friendship—all themes to which young girls can easily relate.

Sally is passionate about horses and dreams of competing in a barrel race at the rodeo with her friends. As the story develops, so do the themes of following one’s dreams, the rewards of determination and the value of encouragement from friends and family. Many lessons are learned, and Sally has been cited as an excellent role model for little girls. The Kirkus Reviews called “Sally Loves Horses” a “graceful, inspiring children’s book about horseback riding.” Children’s Bookwatch had similar praise: “Sally Loves Horses is a heartwarming, inspiring picture book story that is unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school and community library picture book collections for young readers.” Available through the website, at select booksellers and on Amazon. For more information, call 520-529-2403. www.champyouth.com

Dude Ranchers’ Association

Ready for a getaway that pays tribute to a tradition we all know and love? For the vacation of a lifetime, book a stay at one of the 95+ dude ranches in the Dude Ranchers’ Association. Then prepare to enjoy fresh mountain air, open spaces and the feel of a steady horse beneath you on the trail. Other memories to be made include the flash of color as monster trout rise from the pool, the warmth of the setting sun while awaiting the dinner bell and, best of all, shared time with family and friends.

The Dude Ranchers’ Association has been helping vacationers find the perfect Western adventure since 1926. Indeed, DRA member ranches are renowned for “Horses, Hats, Hospitality, Heritage, Honesty and Heart.” Horses are just the beginning; here you’ll also find delicious meals, comfortable lodging, friendly staff and many more activities. All-inclusive vacations perfect for solo travelers, multi-generational families, couples and even corporate events are available—and a vacation at a DRA ranch is a guarantee of quality. www.duderanch.org

Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler Finishing Spray

Do you want your horse to radiate beauty in the show ring or arena? (Silly question, right?) A finishing spray might be just the ticket, and Farnam takes that concept one step farther with its Laser Sheen® Dazzling Shine & Detangler Finishing Spray. Besides giving your horse’s coat a mirror shine, this product is designed to detangle his mane and tail, repel dust and dirt, and deliver premium gloss for up to seven days. That’s especially useful at those longer competitions!

Another key selling point is this product’s foolproof, non-aerosol mechanism. Thanks to press-and-hold, 360º continuous spray technology, you can apply a gentle, even mist over every inch of your horse—and from every angle—without missing a spot. It’s designed to be nearly silent, so less likely to scare spooky horses; and the spray doesn’t feel cold, either. Last-minute touchups are a breeze with a 14 oz can that fits easily into a grooming bag, empties completely and features a self-locking sprayer head. For more information, visit the website. www.Farnam.com

Impact Gel Saddle Pads

Exceptional high quality is demonstrated time and time again by Impact Gel Saddle Pads. Perfection continues with devotion to create a reliable and quality product that makes them legends in the market.

At the heart of every Impact Gel pad is a unique, patented technology that features a high-impact reduction system. How does this help? It is designed to minimize inconsistencies in the fit of your equipment, resulting in better contact between the saddle and the horse’s back. If you have ever had any issues fitting a saddle to your horse, this is a real blessing. Impact Gel’s cross-link technology helps ensure a conforming fit, resulting in high-performance, non-slip, non-rollover protection. In addition, Impact Gel pads boast patented shock absorbing properties that dissipate energy laterally throughout the gel and away from your horse’s back. For more information, call Impact Gel Customer Service at 608-525-3630 or visit the website. www.impactgel.com

Kelly Herd Jewelry

Special moments deserve special commemoration; whether you’re marking a milestone or simply giving a meaningful gift, Kelly Herd can transform your dreams into a stunning piece of jewelry especially for you.

A renowned equestrian jewelry designer, Herd has been creating wearable art for everyone from Kentucky Derby winners to rodeo cowboys for more than 30 years. Working in classic gold and silver, he channels his love of horses into his designs, carefully handcrafting each piece with a degree of detail that reflects the equestrian lifestyle in all its power and beauty.

With over 400 styles to choose from, there is sure to be something that speaks to any rider or that rider’s connection to a memorable horse. Counting down to a special day? Herd can design a ring your bride will treasure forever or help you create an heirloom piece that will be cherished for generations. Kelly Herd jewelry can be found at over 700 Western & English retailers or at his website. www.kellyherdjewelry.com

‘Fury at Cross Creek’ Novel

Books make great gifts; why not a Western novel for the horse lover in your life? An Amazon bestseller, “Fury at Cross Creek” was penned by the prolific Western novelist and screenwriter Lee Martin. Here’s a peek at the plot: “When Laredo learns his true identity, he becomes a living target as he and the scout who raised him charge north into the deadly feud that had killed his family, only to find themselves allied with a secretive lady barber and a young woman rancher under siege by the same ruthless clan.”

Martin, who grew up on northern California cattle ranches, has written 22 books. The film “Shadow on the Mesa,” based on Martin’s novel (and for which the author wrote the screenplay), was the second-highest rated original movie in Hallmark Movie Channel’s history when it premiered in 2013. It also won the prestigious Wrangler Award given by the National Cowboy & Heritage Museum for best original TV Western movie. Martin’s most recent novels, “The Grant Conspiracy,” “The Last Wild Ride” and “Fury at Cross Creek,” received rave reviews from True West Magazine and were based on Martin’s screenplays, as is “Fast Ride to Boot Hill.” www.leemartin-screenwriter.com

Red River Arenas Travel Panel

Taking your horse on the road just got a lot easier, thanks to Red River Arenas’ handy Travel Panel. Wouldn’t it be nice if your four-legged friend could have his own pen wherever you stop? Light enough at just 21 pounds per panel to carry and set up yourself, these can be attached conveniently to the outside of your trailer or toted in the front compartment of your slant-load trailer. Yet they are strong enough that a 200-pound person can jump and climb on them without bending and breaking—and sturdy enough to withstand your horse pushing against them while reaching for that greener grass! You can also hang feed buckets from these panels without risk of collapse. Each 50″ x 66″ panel is galvanized with two bars, two braces and a metal cap welded onto the top to eliminate the possibility of your horse getting hurt. For more information, call Red River Arenas directly at 800-343-1026 or visit the company’s website. www.RedRiverArenas.com

Rope and Roses

The saying “everything old is new again” takes on new meaning with the rustic, country chic art of Rope and Roses. Artist Linda Dent of Colorado prides herself on finding unique—and charming—purposes for refurbished materials that might otherwise be lost, forgotten or discarded, such as old vintage coats and ropes. The result is an astounding array of jewelry, accessories and decorations for any event, as well as home display.

Dent can custom color any leather creation, from roses and earrings to saddle crosses and bridle rosettes. In addition, she is now offering Southwest themed bags, Southwest pillows and blinged-out cattle skulls. For weddings and large celebrations with that elegant country feel, she can create custom color leather roses for any container, as well as flower arrangements, bouquets and more. She can even accessorize toasting glasses, serving knives and cake flowers. To tie the whole look together, there are many sizes of rope-wrapped vases which can be used for either events or home décor. For more information, visit the website. www.ropeandroses.net

Freeform Pathfinder Saddle

Unsurpassed comfort and freedom of movement: that’s the goal behind the innovative treeless saddles by Freeform that are available through Saddle Up LLC. This is especially important if you and your horse enjoy trail riding, where comfort becomes more critical the longer the ride and the more rugged the terrain.

Lightweight and easy to handle, a treeless saddle such as the new Pathfinder—Freeform’s most comfortable and secure trail saddle to date—affords close contact that’s similar to bareback riding but safer and more comfortable. The saddle’s design is intended to let you feel your horse’s free, muscular movement and rhythm. Other benefits include improved balance and relief back, knee and neck pain. A deep cantle, a nubuck seat and a soft pommel are other features in the Pathfinder that afford additional security. The top choice for endurance riders using treeless saddles, Freeform is a natural choice for the everyday trail rider, too. In addition, Saddles Up’s customer service is on hand to help you make any initial small adjustments for that perfect fit. www.treelesssaddle.com

‘Wheels Across America: Carriage Art & Craftsmanship,’ Vols. 1 and 2

Man’s centuries-old relationship with the horse has spawned several unique artistic traditions, among them the design of carriages and other horse-drawn vehicles. “Wheels Across America: Carriage Art & Craftsmanship,” Vols.1 & 2, by Daniel D. Hutchins, celebrates the artistry and innovation of the craftsmen behind these vehicles, showcasing this important facet of America’s horse-drawn transportation history.

Find out about more than 5,000 companies involved in this industry, along with the related trades of blacksmiths, wheelwrights, trimmers, painters, distributors, agents, jobbers, dealers and more. Of particular interest are the hundreds of rare old carriage catalog images, photos and vintage graphics. Many are from museums and rare private collections, as well as from the author’s extensive collection of early carriage maker catalogs. You’ll learn about everything from coaches, carriages, buggies, wagons and fire equipment to circus wagons, farm implements, stagecoaches, commercial vehicles and more. In addition, there’s a special section on today’s craftsmen who continue this fascinating tradition. For more information about this and other high-quality hardcover books (as well as art prints on wood and canvas, postcard booklets and vintage posters), visit the website. www.TempoInternationalPublishing.com

SmartPak Western Tack Bundle

SmartPak’s exclusive line of Western Working Tack was created to provide the consumer with expertly made, high-quality working tack at an affordable price. Add the concept of “bundling,” and you’ve got an excellent way to outfit your horse in one stop, at a fraction of the usual price. A good example of this is the SmartPak Western Tack Bundle, which includes a headstall, reins and a curb strap or chain, all with a 10% savings over buying each item separately.

This line is crafted from quality leather in either a dark oiled or natural color. According to SmartPak, it’s vegetable tanned at one of the last two environmentally friendly tanneries in the world; this process not only gives tack a longer working life, it imparts a rich patina that deepens over time. The leather is then drum dyed and hot stuffed to give it a uniform, long-lasting color. From the hot dipping to the hand-rubbed finish, every detail is intended to give you great value. Made in the USA. www.SmartPak.com

SmartPak Ultimate Trifecta Turnout Blanket

There’s more than meets the eye to the SmartPak Ultimate Trifecta Turnout Blanket, which can be called the ultimate blanket for any season. How often have you wished for a horse blanketing system that addresses different weather conditions with a minimum of fuss? Not only is the Trifecta attractive, it eliminates the need to buy multiple blankets and sheets of different weights.

The secret, of course, is layers that are designed to work together, attach and detach easily and provide several options when used in different combinations. The Trifecta’s convenient 3-in-1 design lets you go from a lightweight sheet to a very warm heavyweight blanket in seconds. Like all SmartPak Ultimate Turnout Blankets, it features a 1050D ballistic nylon outer covering that resists rubs and tears, minimizing the worry if your horse is tough on blankets. SmartPak has even backed the Trifecta Turnout with a 10-Year Indestructible Guarantee. For more information, visit the website. www.SmartPak.com

SmartPak Piper Down Vest

What do you look for in a vest as fall turns to winter? Do you crave something stylish, weather-savvy and practical, with extra comfort features? Something that you can wear with ease both in and out of the saddle?

The Piper Down Vest could well be your go-to garment from fall through early spring. The down fill offers warmth without extra weight, and getting caught in a shower or snowstorm is no problem because of the vest’s breathable, water-resistant outer, which offers maximum comfort in less-than-ideal conditions. Additional details include fleece-lined pockets and collar for that cozy feeling when the mercury plummets. This vest is rider-friendly, too, with a drop-tail hem for that bit of extra coverage, whether you’re in the arena or out on the trail. And the style part? SmartPak wants you to look as good as you feel, so this vest boasts body-flattering quilting and is available in a number of attractive color choices. www.SmartPak.com

The SmartPak SmartCell 100% Wool Correct Fit Pad

When you think of SmartPak, you probably think of the revolutionary way in which that company has streamlined the organization and feeding of equine supplements. But these days, SmartPak offers equestrian customers of all disciplines so much more—including a range of top-notch Western saddle pads.

Case in point: The SmartPak SmartCell 100% Wool Correct Fit Pad. Designed to provide your horse’s back with the ultimate in protection, it is made with not only breathable wool, which has natural wicking properties, but Poron XRD™ . This special material, which is “sandwiched” between the 100% wool and finished with quality top grain wear leathers, absorbs 90% of the force on a horse’s back (and we know that can be a lot of force)! That’s more than any other protective material on the market. The SmartPak SmartCell 100% Wool Correct Fit Pad measures 32″x31″x1″. For more information, visit the website. www.SmartPak.com

SmartPak Piper Down Vest Ada Tall Country Leather Boot

A favorite boot generally only merits that title if it is sturdy, comfortable and versatile enough to use everywhere—not to mention in all weathers. Designed to go the distance and do it with flair, SmartPak’s Ada Tall Country Leather Boot might well become your favorite if you value a three-season boot that can take you from barn to town in style.

Featuring a water-resistant leather outer and a moisture-wicking liner, the Ada is comfortable enough for barn chores, thanks to a memory foam footbed that absorbs shock and pressure, making even the longest days on your feet a lot easier. Built tough, this leather boot is also suitable for light riding, since it boasts a stirrup-friendly outsole and spur rests. Last but not least, the Ada’s knee-high design and classic styling makes it smart enough to wear just about anywhere your day might take you. To learn more, visit the website. www.SmartPak.com

Trafalgar Square Books

Looking for a unique holiday gift custom tailored to that special person’s specific interests? Books and videos provide lasting enjoyment and endless learning opportunities. Whether you’re purchasing a book or video for an expert rider, an equestrian with specialist interests or a child who simply loves horses, Trafalgar Square Books is dedicated to delivering what you need, directly from the source. What does that mean? You can trust that this company not only believes in, but stands behind what it publishes—and what it publishes is top-quality equestrian education. “We take great pride in our string of motivated, talented authors,” a company representative says. “These individuals are the movers, shakers and hard-working professionals—riders, trainers, behaviorists, vets, practitioners, therapists, farriers and sometimes, just ordinary horse-lovers—who inspire us to include horses as part of our own life and who teach us how to be better friends, caregivers and educators when interacting with them.” For more information, call 800-423-4525 or stop by the company’s website. www.HorseandRiderBooks.com


This holiday season, don’t forget your biggest four-legged pal: your horse. Like humans, equines (especially athletes) can benefit from nutritional support that helps fight inflammation in the body. Wellpride seeks to improve your horse’s joint, hoof, skin, gut and respiratory health with what the company considers nature’s best inflammation fighters: EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids.

While many equine products claim to contain omega-3s, Wellpride contends that most of these fall short of the necessary requirements when it comes to the type and dosage of fatty acids. After all, in order to be effective, there has to be enough of the right ingredient. Wellpride’s fish oil supplement contains a high potency formulation of both EPA and DHA and is purified to remove mercury and other contaminants. Available in a squeeze bottle for precision dosing, it’s also formulated with a taste and smell designed to appeal to even finicky eaters. Call 866-414-0188 or visit the company’s website. www.wellpride.com

Lariat Bracelet

A Woodworth Ltd exclusive design since the 1980s, the Lariat Bracelet is handcrafted from solid sterling silver highlighted by a hondo with a gold-filled burner. Like other Woodworth products, it channels the spirit and legend of the American cowboy, in keeping with the business owner’s mission to promote the Code of the West. Sales of this and other products help to offset the cost of a blog site promoting the values and ethics that are part of the traditional cowboy lifestyle.

As most horsemen know, the lariat is an essential part of the cowboy’s gear that is used during roundups, brandings and cattle drives. Each Lariat Bracelet is a classic design that honors the strong values and ethics for which the American cowboy is renowned and revered. It is dedicated to the first Code of the West, “Live Each Day with Courage,” and is intended to serve as a gentle reminder to live with courage. The bracelet comes wrapped in a polishing cloth. See the website to determine the correct size to order. www.ropeamoo.com

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