10 Items from Amazon to Make Your Horse Life Easier

Whether you're a professional trainer or have one horse in your pasture to work with, simply owning horses can be tough work. Make your horse life easier with these products from Amazon!

The editors of Horse&Rider have picked their favorite items on Amazon that help make their horse lives easier—or are items we believe every horse owner should have. 

Garden Dump Cart

Products we feature have been selected by our editorial staff. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn a commission. For more information click here.

This cart is multi-purpose for horse owners. Use this cart at the barn to clean stalls and then easily dump manure our into your compost pile. Or use this cart in the tack room to easily tote saddles and tack to and from locations. It can pull up to 600 pounds and has a comfortable handle for pulling the wagon around. 

Purchase the dump cart here

Chew Stop Liquid

Tired of having to constantly repair the wood in your barn because your horse is chewing on the wood? This is the solution. It won’t discolor fencing and is safe to use on wood, bandages, and blankets. The hot cinnamon flavor will prevent your horse from causing destruction with his mouth. 

Purchase the chew stop liquid here


Hybrid Rope Halter

The benefits of a rope and nylon halter combined! This halter will give you a better response when training since it has the rope halter nose, but is also safe to use when trailering and tying. If you struggle with tying a rope halter correctly, this will also help solve those problems since it features the standard buckles on a regular nylon halter. 

Purchase a Hybrid halter here!


Sandy Collier’s Bag of Magic Tricks DVD

Help solve your tough horse training problems with the help of Sandy Collier. No matter what event you ride or compete in, this DVD will help you accomplish your riding goals. What has taken Sandy a lifetime to learn, you can learn in a few weeks. 

Purchase Bag of Magic with Sandy Collier here

Garden Tool Organizer

Clean up your barn by organizing all of your barn tools in one place. This tool organizer is easy to install, so you won’t be wasting an afternoon trying to hang it! With spring loaded clamps; brooms, shovels, and rakes will stay put once you secure them. With six hooks, you can also hang extra halters here so they are out of the way. 

Purchase the tool organizer here

Rolling Utility Cart

If you’re operating a large facility, making multiple trips back to the feed room to get feed isn’t efficient. Make one trip by using a three-tier rolling utility cart. The metal mesh baskets are big enough to hold scoops of grain and supplements, and are easy to clean if a spill is made. 

Purchase a rolling utility cart here

Blocker Tie Ring

Safely tie your horse using a blocker tie ring. If your horse pulls back when tied and is constantly breaking things—not to mention also creating bad habits—the blocker tie ring will help to prevent destruction and help resolve your horse’s habit of pulling back. The tie ring allows your horse to pull slack in the rope, allowing him to seek release of pressure. 

Purchase a blocker tie ring here

Care & Management of Horses Book

If horses are a new venture for you, it’s beneficial to seek out help from multiple resources. Heather Smith-Thomas is the author of Care & Management of Horses Book: A Practical Guide for the Horse Owner. Learn the best practices for horsekeeping and understand how to keep your horse happy and healthy. 

Purchase the book here

Underwood Horse Medicine

Help heal your horse’s wounds quickly with Underwood topical wound spray. It’s easy to use and apply making it great for all cuts and scrapes no matter the size. (Although remember it’s always important to contact your veterinarian to evaluate your horse.) This is a must-have for every barn, as it can be used on nearly all barn animals. 

Purchase Underwood Horse Medicine here

SleekEZ Grooming Tool

When spring rolls around, grooming your horse can quickly become a nightmare. Remove your horse’s winter coat more efficiently with the SleekEz de-shedding tool. It’s comfortable to hold—which we know is important when it comes to spring grooming—and it gently tugs the hair to remove it.

Purchase SleekEz here

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