My Favorite Famous Quarter Horse Is…

You share your top choice from among the elite of the world’s largest equine registry.

Whizards Babydoll (Whizard Jac x Boot Scootin Dolly), aka “Roxy,” Stacy Westfall’s mare. She seemed truly to love reining and being Stacy’s partner. The bareback/bridleless performance that brought her to fame was stunning—and heartwarming.

Megan D’Andrea, Ohio

Passing It Along (Barpasser x Tee Command). Not only is he a three-time world show qualifier with a superior pedigree, he’s also the sire of my lovely boy Pass Along The Dance.

Madison Griffin, Texas

Winning Scotch (“Jax”), my own 11-year-old gelding. He’s patient, forgiving, and gentle, and he takes care of me, his 60-plus-year-old rider. (Also he’s “famous” at open shows for his excellent all-around performance.)

Beth Morgan, Wisconsin

Frenchmans Guy (Sun Frost x Frenchmans Lady). A great performance-horse pedigree, plus he’s sired many famous barrel racers. (He’s also a palomino, and I love that color.)

Mattea Dann, Minnesota

The Invester (Zippo Pat Bars x Hanks Peppy Lou). I recently purchased a Paint/Quarter Horse that has this awesome AQHA Hall of Fame stallion four generations back in his pedigree.

Esther Howard, Kentucky

Doc Bar (Lightning Bar x Dandy Doll). Racehorse-bred and a champion at halter, he went on to revolutionize the world of performance horses as a sire.

Nell Russell, California

Rising Sun, Elvis Presley’s beautiful palomino gelding. You can see the horse-and-rider connection in photographs—and the happiness on Elvis’ face as he rode that horse.

Megan Anderson, Michigan

Fillinic (Arizona Junie x Alouette). What a mare! That little spitfire was the founding dam of the Ward Ranch legacy of cow horses.

Sheila Johnson, California

Harley, my own gelding. He may not be a fancy reiner or trail horse, but he’s won my heart, and that’s worth more to me than any ribbon.

Hailey Roof, Michigan

Mr Sonny Money (Sonny Go Lucky x Ima Waddy Cash). This great 1981 breeding stallion is in so many Quarter Horse bloodlines. My 2004 registered Paint, a great-grandson, definitely carries Mr Sonny Money’s genes for intelligence and beauty.

Jessica Cain, Oregon

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