Gallop Poll: Helping Your Grandkids Be into Horses?

Horsey grandparents often help their grandkids with horses. Horse&Rider wants to know: Do you have one or more grandkids you’re helping enjoy horses? Tell us by participating in the Gallop Poll.

Photo by Romaset/Adobe Stock Images

For those of us raised with horses, the sweet memories of that childhood joy are evoked when we share our love of horses with our own children and grandchildren. 

Sometimes grandparents are in a unique position to help their grandkids enjoy the horse life. So we want to know: Do you have one or more grandchildren that you’re helping expose to horses? Or aiding their horse involvement in any way?

Please complete the poll, then check the results of this survey later in the magazine or at the H&R Gallop Poll Results Page.

(Meanwhile: Check here if you’re looking for fun activities for kids and horses in the summertime.)

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