H&R Gallop Poll Results

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Results of past Gallop Polls:

Weanling performance horse prospects walk in single file through a pasture

Bought a weanling? 80% of H&R poll respondents have purchased a riding prospect as a weanling. 



Received a Gift Horse? 77% of H&R poll respondents have, at one time or another, received a horse as a gift.



Show in Springtime? 73% of H&R poll respondents planned to show their horses in the spring of 2019.


Credit: H&R image by Alana Harrison

Credit: H&R image by Alana Harrison

Own Senior Horses? 85% of H&R poll respondents own one, two, or three horses age 15 or over.



Supplement with Probiotics? 80% of H&R poll respondents supplement their horses with probiotics or have done so in the past.



Horse Has Permanent ID? 54% of H&R poll respondents say their horses have a brand, freeze-brand, microchip, or other form of permanent identification.



Dealt With Hard-to-Catch Horse? 84% of H&R poll respondents have dealt with a horse that’s hard to catch.