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We ask our Horse&Rider enthusiasts questions; they respond. Here's where to find results from our recent Gallop Polls.


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Bullies in the barn? 90% of H&R poll respondents say their horses “often” or “sometimes” bully one another.


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Ever fearful in the saddle? 71% of H&R poll respondents say they are “sometimes” or “often” fearful in the saddle; only 29% responded “rarely” or “never.”


Michael Anfang/Unsplash

Come to voice cue? 85% of H&R poll respondents say their horse comes to them when they call or whistle.


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Know your horse’s pedigree? 72% of H&R poll respondents know their horses’ full pedigrees; another 14% know at least the sire and dam.



Gone swimming on a horse? 83% of H&R poll respondents have gone swimming on a horse. 14% say they haven’t but would like to, and just 3% say they’re not interested in doing so.


Derek Bills

Barn or arena? 69% of poll respondents, given a forced choice, would rather have a professionally built arena than a brand-new barn.


Photo by Terri Cage/Adobe Stock Images

Bought sight unseen? 77% of H&R poll respondents have at some point purchased a horse sight unseen.


Photo by MelissaAnneGalleries/istockphoto.com

Thin, fat, just right? 46% of H&R poll respondents say their horses are at just the right weight; 42% say a bit overweight; 12% say a bit underweight.


Photo by Antonioguillem/Adobe Stock Images

Saddle or clinic? 56% of H&R poll respondents, given a forced choice, would rather have a three-day clinic with their favorite trainer than a brand-new saddle of their choosing. 


Favorite treat? 52% of H&R poll respondents said apple or carrot pieces are their horses’ favorite treat. Horse cookie: 24%. Other: 19%. Don’t feed treats: 5%.


Tidy tack room? 68% of H&R poll respondents rank the tidiness of their tack rooms as “nicely tolerable.” 26% said “show-off worthy”; 6% said their tack rooms were “basically, a pit.” 


Photo by pololia/Adobe Stock Images

Horse or pony? 69% of H&R poll respondents think a horse is most often the best choice as a first mount for a child.


H&R file photo

Training or conformation? 74% of H&R poll respondents, given a forced choice, would choose flawless training over flawless conformation in a horse they were considering to buy.


Photo by Cappy Jackson

Volunteer with a horse group? 86% of H&R poll respondents volunteer with a horse-related group or organization. 


Photo by Romaset/Adobe Stock Images

Helping grandkids with horses? 93% of H&R poll respondents have one or more grandchildren that they’re helping to be involved with horses.


Ranch riding events: contestants look great and their horses move beautifully. Photo by Jennifer Paulson

Interested in ranch riding? 66% of H&R poll respondents would like to become involved in competitive ranch riding; another 21% are already involved in the popular event.


Springtime staple? Mares and foals at pasture. Photo by Alana Harrison

Breed a mare? 46% of H&R poll respondents plan to breed one or more mares in the spring of 2019.


The popular snaffle bit comes in various styles. Photo by Abigail Boatwright

How many bits?  46% of H&R poll respondents have accumulated more than a dozen bits in the course of their horse lives so far.


Handsome weanlings enjoying each other’s company. Photo courtesy of Robin Gollehon

Bought a weanling? 80% of H&R poll respondents have purchased a riding prospect as a weanling. 


No one would look this handsome gift horse in the mouth! Photo by Mallory Beinborn

Received a Gift Horse? 77% of H&R poll respondents have, at one time or another, received a horse as a gift.


Show time is fun time! Photo courtesy of the Appaloosa Journal

Show in Springtime? 73% of H&R poll respondents planned to show their horses in the spring of 2019.


Credit: H&R image by Alana Harrison

Own Senior Horses? 85% of H&R poll respondents own one, two, or three horses age 15 or over.


A horse’s digestive system is complex. Photo by Kowalska-Art/iStockphoto.com

Supplement with Probiotics? 80% of H&R poll respondents supplement their horses with probiotics or have done so in the past.


Freeze branding creates a highly visible mark of permanent identification. Photo by Rhonda Hole, courtesy of the Mustang Heritage Foundation

Horse Has Permanent ID? 54% of H&R poll respondents say their horses have a brand, freeze-brand, microchip, or other form of permanent identification.


Catch me if you can! H&R file photo by Caroline Fyffe

Dealt With Hard-to-Catch Horse? 84% of H&R poll respondents have dealt with a horse that’s hard to catch.  

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