Horse-Related Small Businesses You *Must* Shop

During these trying times money can be tight. However if you're fortunate enough to have extra spending cash, you need to check out these horse-related small businesses! With everything from tack to jewelry, these stores have it all.

I recently shared a post [10 Items from Amazon to Make Your Horse Life Easier] and while you loved it, we received feedback that you’d like for us to share our favorite small businesses in the horse community. So I set out to gather up information on my top 10 favorite horse-related small businesses. Now get to shopping!

Horse Education Company

In 2013, The Horse Education Company was created by Sara Johnson to bring a new level of innovative, trainer-quality gear sold directly to the individual horse owner. While you may see the Horse Education Company on social media and see several riders with product, the company is solely owned and operated by Sara in Ohio. The company is passionate about providing quality tool to help make your horse life easier. 

Shop Horse Education Company! 

Daisy If You Do Co.

Daisy If You Do Co. was started in 2019 by Rachel Slathar. At the time of the company’s start up, the only products sold were wild rags. Rachel has now expanded the company to make wild rags, scrunchies, Western button-down shirts, and during the pandemic has started to create masks. The Western shirts and masks were added in an effort to help reduce waste by using left over material from wild rags to create the new products. 

Shop Daisy If You Do Co.! 

Flair Nasal Strips, LLC

In the 1990s, veterinarians Jim Chiapetta and Ed Blach began research to create a product to help improve airflow and support the nasal passages of a horse—similar to the BreatheRight® strip used by human athletes. Now 20 years later, research supports the two veterinarians’ thoughts and Flair Nasal Strips, LLC work to support the external wall of the nasal passages and reduce upper airway resistance to improve equine health and optimize performance.

Shop Flair Nasal Strips, LLC! 

CR RanchWear

Nichole Chirico

As small, family business, CR RanchWear specializes in designing and creating top-of-the-line shirts for equine competitors. Founder Rhea Scott Follett has been working with fabric and clothing since she was a young girl. Her son Hunter and his wife Amanda partnered with Rhea to start CR RanchWear. For more than 10 years CR RanchWear has been a small business based in Texas. 

Shop CR RanchWear! 

Andrea Equine

Andrea Equine is a Western tack and gear company that was created by horse trainer and colt starter Andrea Cao. Andrea’s goal was to create clinician-branded quality tack at an affordable cost. Andrea has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and in Business Insider. The young entrepreneur has combined her love for horses with that of owning a business. Andrea Equine works with other family owned small business to ensure the highest quality of tack is being produced. While Andrea Equine is a business, the goal was to produce quality tack and isn’t for monetary gain, therefore Andrea Equine donates a large portion of earnings to local therapeutic riding centers and rescues. 

Shop Andrea Equine! 

Complete Equine Performance

Complete Equine Performance is an Oklahoma based business that offers a variety of exercise programs and therapy treatments to best fit your horse. For those who aren’t located in Oklahoma and able to utilize CEP’s in-house programs, the company also offers all-natural supplements and products for your horse. From hoof-care products to fly spray, CEP carries a large line of products to help keep your horse happy and comfortable. 

Shop Complete Equine Performance! 

Savannah Sevens

In 2013, Ryley Austin Wimer (Dent) started Savannah Sevens in small town Brookville, Kansas. Inspired by all things turquoise, rustic living, horses, the Western lifestyle, small town Saturday nights, good smelling genuine leather, or anything out past the city limit signs, Savannah Sevens offers a collection of unique apparel and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of riding jeans or a new outfit for a night on the town, Savannah Sevens has you covered. 

Shop Savannah Sevens! 


Ortho-Care was established in 1979 as an F.D.A. registered manufacturer of orthopedic and sports medicine products. Ortho-Equine was established as a subsidiary of Ortho-Care and utilizes some of the same technology as developed in the human market. Ortho-Equine is based in Overland Park, Kansas and all of the products are made in the U.S.A. With both a nutrition line and a tack line, Ortho-Equine has developed products for equine athletes. The signature product for the company are the Total Comfort Boots that have temperature-regulating lining that keep a constant skin temperature of 83°.

Shop Ortho-Equine! 

Soft-Ride Boots

Soft-Ride Boots began when the company tried to find a better way to keep horses comfortable in stalls. Soft-Ride’s patented and interchangeable Gel Orthotic Inserts are the heart of the Soft-Ride gel boots system. Providing comfort for both shod and unshod horses, Soft-Ride Boots improves circulation in the hoof and provides relief of static tension to the deep flexor tendon. While Soft-Ride Horse Boots are where the company started, they have now expanded to include an Ice-Spa Boot and new SoftRider horse shoes. 

Shop Soft-Ride Boots! 

Mackey Equine Accessories

Mackey Equine Accessories started when the team wanted to combine the love for fashion and design with the love for horses. With unique patterns, nearly all of the products at Mackey’s can be matched or coordinated with other products. While Mackey’s specializes in fly-protection gear, they also offer a wide range of products for both you and your horse. The signature bee line is a must-have product line that will ensure you stand out from others at your barn. 

Shop Mackey Equine Accessories! 

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