Horses We’d Like to Own: Bud Light

This month, the horse we want to feature for our series, Horses We’d Like to Own, is the gentle giant Bud Light.

Bud Light is a lesson horse at a boarding barn in Colorado and has a heart as big as his hooves. We chatted with Emily Klimas and Maria Lawson who are the owners of Mile High Equestrian and Rescue, and this is what they had to say about their kind-hearted Bud Light.

The Basics

Bud Light is a palomino paint draft horse and stands a whopping 18 hands tall. He is 29 years young, and still acts like a big kid.


When it comes to temperament, you won’t find one sweeter than Bud Light. Emily says, “On a scale of 0-10, Bud Light is a “0” being the most quiet, perfect horse for any level of rider. You can put a timid beginner or first-time rider on his back or your grandma who has never ridden before and he will take care of them!”

A Gentle Giant and Lesson Horse

We asked Bud Light’s owners what his best attributes were. They were quick to point out, “His big, soft eyes and bald face. He is always curious to see if anyone has treats for him and get super excited for lunchtime when he gets his large mash of senior grain with beet pulp and waits like a gentleman for his feeding, every time.”

Emily also added, “We love his wooly mammoth winter coat that grows inches and inches long, his curly haired legs and his big wide fuzzy ears that are always pricked up because Bud Light is always happy to see you!”

Curious about what a big guy like Bud Light does for work? Turns out he is an excellent lesson horse. According to Emily, Bud Light excels at, “both English and Western lessons, confidence building, grooming, and handling demonstrations, bareback riding, lead line and pony camp.” Of course, he’s the top pick for costume contests with his gentle demeanor.

One in a Million

Sometimes you just hit the jackpot of horses, and Bud Light is that for Mile High Equestrian and Rescue. Bud Light was a fox hunter in his younger years, and actually came as an owner surrender with the property when Mile High purchased it.

His story wasn’t always happy, Emily says “When we first met Bud Light on the property- he was in a small pen, he was skinny and seemed sad, and we weren’t even sure if he was broke to ride. Then, come to find he’s had an extensive riding career and has been the best teacher for every student that has crawled on top of him.”

With proper feeding, care, and all the love they could pour into him, Bud Light quickly bounced back.

As far as what lights up Bud Light? Emily tells us, “He loves any and all treats and we call him our Big Chipmunk because he likes to store bites of food in his big lips to save for later, he is always chewing on something!”

When he’s not eating, or being adored by kids, you’ll find Bud Light “In turnout time with other rescues- his best friend and fellow old man, Smokey, 30 and the rescue mini horse Hopscotch, 7.”


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