Cutting Videos on Horse&Rider OnDemand

Winston Hansma joins Horse&Rider OnDemand as the first cutting expert on the platform.

Horse&Rider is your go-to source for your Western horse training needs. Now, you can access how-to videos on cutting with National Cutting Horse Association hall-of-fame trainer Winston Hansma. This series is a cutting fundamentals 101 course. So, whether you’re looking to get into cutting, need to brush up your basics, or just want to sharpen your horse’s training, these videos will help you and your horse excel anywhere.

Watch Winston Hansma on Horse&Rider OnDemand.

“The goal of adding cutting to Horse&Rider OnDemand is to help our audience broaden their horizons,” Horse&Rider OnDemand video producer Michaela Jaycox says. “In Winston’s series, he breaks down cutting and everything you need to know about the sport. From the fundamental maneuvers to working your horse on live cattle, Winston takes you step by step in each video to advance your skills. Even if you don’t plan to compete in the cutting, you can apply these techniques to your everyday riding.”

Check out the latest videos on Horse&Rider OnDemand.

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About Horse&Rider: Horse&Rider, a quarterly publication with a 60-year tradition, encompasses everything today’s active, Western rider craves to live his or her best horse life by providing expert western horse training tips, trail-riding insights, horse-care advice, and inspiration to live today’s Western horse life.

About Horse&Rider OnDemand: The Horse&Rider OnDemand program offers training advice and horse-care tips for riders of all levels of Western disciplines from trusted, proven resources. Featuring legendary horsemen Bud Lyon and Brad Barkemeyer, Horse&Rider OnDemand allows you to access training and horse care advice from your phone, computer, or tablet, whenever and wherever you need it.

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