Human Stuff I Use on My Horse

You tell us which products from your own stash you find useful for your horse.

Jergens lotion. My beautiful Quarter Horse/Paint Jackie had white gunk in his ears. Our vet said his ears looked dry—and the Jergens took care of it!

Credit: Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

Nancy Evangelista, Florida

Coconut oil. It promotes great shine, absorbs well, and doesn’t build up. It smells great, too, and putting it on my horses also puts it on my hands and nails—double win!

Juli Bishop, California

Good old vinegar. It cuts right through soap, so makes a great final rinse after bathing. My Morgan mare’s dark-bay coat shines like anything.

Laurie Fallon, Texas

Ivory dish soap. It super-cleans my tobiano Paint gelding’s white legs. I work it in with a little plastic kitchen “scrubby,” then rinse extra well.

Anna Garcia, New Mexico

Baby oil. Just a touch around my black Arabian gelding’s eyes and muzzle creates a gorgeous effect. (But too much and he becomes a greasy slimeball.)

Penelope Jackson, Vermont

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin Towelettes. Frosty, my fleabitten gray Quarter Horse gelding, has sensitive skin and an allergy to bug bites. I use regular equine spray on his body, but he loves the cool, gentle towelettes inside his ears and on his pink nose.

Linda Grunberg, Nebraska

Old-fashioned witch hazel from the drug store. It easily cleans the dirt, old fly spray, and other products off my gelding’s face. I apply it with a clean cloth, and Trio is ready for his close-up. I also use my electric toothbrush and baking-soda toothpaste on all my silver tack. Scrub a bit, then wipe with an alcohol-dampened cloth. Presto—bling! (Works well on crystals, too, for when you need that extra sparkle in the show ring.)

Connie Merritt, California

Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment. I put it in a spray bottle and use it each time I groom. It allows my horse’s thin, fine mane and tail to grow longer and fuller. I also spray the top of his tail to help prevent the blanket’s tail flap from rubbing off his hair.

Melinda Hartman, Oregon

Vitacilina, my winter night cream. I live in the mountains of central Mexico, and this Mexican beauty secret, which contains neomycin, heals my mare’s minor cuts and abrasions quickly.

Kristine Scherber, Guanajuato, Mexico

Generic sunblock. I buy an inexpensive human sunblock, then use it generously on my Pinto filly’s white face, wherever her pink skin would otherwise burn.

Faith Gilbert, Arizona

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