Who Is This Position-Perfect Equitation Rider?

The great horse trainers of today were yesterday’s equitation champions. Who is this picture-perfect rider from the late 1970s? Answer our Just-for-Fun Trivia question to find out.

Which prominent trainer from today is pictured above, in a Western equitation class from the late 1970s?

A) Steve Metcalf.

B) Charlie Cole.

C) Todd Crawford.

Please scroll down for the answer.

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ANSWER: If you picked Charlie Cole, a blue ribbon to you! That’s the popular all-around trainer looking sharp in a rail shot from the late 1970s. Today, his Highpoint Performances Horses in Pilot Point, Texas, is one of the top barns in the nation. Charlie has trained more than 50 American Quarter Horse Association world champions, plus he’s a multi-carded judge. Find out how you can participate in his brand-new Virtual Horse Show at the Highpoint Performances Horses Facebook page.

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[CHARLIE COLE helps you nail your lead changes.]

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