A good blanket is essential for keeping your horse warm and dry all winter long. The key to finding the perfect blanket is to buy one that caters to your horse. Is your horse rough on blankets? Look for a fabric that’s durable and tear-proof. This way you don’t buy a new one every season. Are your winters wet and cold? Find a blanket that can withstand moisture and the below-freezing temps. Horseware Ireland’s Rhino HexSTOP ($339.95; horseware.com) is made with a ripstop polypropylene fabric to prevent tears and uses vari-layer technology to place fiberfill in key areas for heat retention. In addition, the Aquatrans Barrier Technology will keep your horse dry regardless of the weather conditions. 

Photo by Nichole Chirico.

Must-Have Winter Solutions

Keep warm all season long by adding these must-have winter products to your barn.

1. Bring On the Heat

Avoid frozen pipes by installing a temperature-controlled waterer. With overall heat coverage, waterline protection, and an insulated casing to ensure function, you won’t have to worry about frozen water buckets. $663.99; classicequinebyritchie.com.

2. Break It Up

Keep water troughs ice-free with the help of an ice breaker. The heavy-duty mesh makes scooping out ice a breeze, and the aluminum handle is perfect for breaking up large ice chunks. $39.99; sstack.com.

3. Heat Up

For extra cold days, invest in a heated vest. The rechargeable battery powers the heat zones throughout the vest, and the Bluetooth technology allows you to adjust the temperature. $189.99; smartpakequine.com.

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