Sire Spotlight: Spooks Gotta Whiz

You probably know him from the bright spotlight that shone on him when he competed at the highest levels of reining competition, but Spooks Gotta Whiz really beams as an NRHA Five Million Dollar Sire.

When renowned horseman Clint Haverty crossed stallion Spooks Gotta Gun (Grays Starlight x Katie Gun) with mare Prettywhizprettydoes (Topsail Whiz x Blonde At The Bar), he knew the result would be special. His bloodlines represented a perfect balance of trainability, desire to please, and the “sting” needed to perform exceptional maneuvers. Now 16 years old, “Baby,” owned by Michell Anne Kimball, passes that on to his offspring that’ve made him an NRHA Five Million Dollar Sire (closing in on six million), an NRHA Hall of Fame horse (in 2022), and a sought-after stallion for many disciplines.

Spooks Gotta Whiz and Michell. Photo courtesy of Michell Kimball.

One of a Kind

“When we sold him, we knew he’d cross on a large number of mares,” Haverty shared. He wasn’t wrong.

Baby stands at Cinder Lakes Ranch breeding facility. There, he’s been managed by Rick and Jade Ford since his second breeding season. The couple has been around countless notable horses, and Jade Ford says it’s hard to compare them to Baby.

“I truly believe he’s a horse that has changed and will continue to change the face and scope of the industry,” she shared. “He’s so special—and I don’t even know how to articulate it. He’s one of the kindest horses I’ve ever been around, he’s very attentive to his handler, and he’s just happy. He shows up to do his job, and he never refuses—just like he was in the show pen. He has a willingness that you can’t force. On top of it, I don’t know many horses that had his career and stayed clean-legged and don’t need major maintenance. To have the career he had, showing at that level, and to be the way he is now, it’s a testament to his mind and his conformation.”

Mind and Conformation

Ford shared that Baby’s offspring share those key characteristics—good-mindedness and great conformation. She said trainers seek his babies because they want to do their job, regardless of whether they’re mares, studs, or geldings.

“These babies don’t bloom early—they grow up before they grow out,” she continued. “This means they aren’t heavy on their joints as they develop, and then they have fewer structural issues. They’re balanced, they have great necks, they have lots of flexion and exude a lot of style at a young age. You can see it in how they move in the pasture—they’re so classy, and their natural cadence is forward-moving and soft.”

Movement Matters

Owner Michell Anne Kimball loves how her stallion moves and that he passes that onto his offspring.

“They’re really flat-kneed, forward-moving horses, and they’re versatile,” she shared. “His babies aren’t pigeon-holed to one discipline. I’m an experimenter. I like to try him on all kinds of mares, from cutters to cow horses to reiners to ranch riders. It diversifies the gene pool. I’ve even paid him into the Royal Crown, Reata Buckle, and 100X Stakes events.”

“We haven’t even scratched the surface of his greatness,” Ford concluded. “It’s extremely exciting. For him as a sire, there’s nothing that can stop him.”

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