Show-Ring Fashion

Ready to start prepping for cooler weather, already? Go for head-to-toe coordination in the arena this fall.


1. Dial in the Glam 

If you’re tired of uncomfortable and unflattering show-ring shirts, it’s time to add the Sugar Plum by Sundial Show Clothing ($229; to your closet. Made from performance stretch fabric, this top has a generous bodice—meaning no untucking problems, popping open,
or feeling restricted—and extra-long sleeve length. The bright orchid top features a metallic icy
silver and aqua shine that will look great with any color horse.

2. The Glam Pad

Need a pad to match your new shirt? This custom show pad has a bright and vibrant color palette with a unique pattern. With leather wears to protect the pad from cinch rubbing, this blanket will last and pair well with many outfits. $199;

Courtesy of EM Custom Show Pads

3. Winning in White

Whether you’re adding for fashion or functionality, this 100% silk handmade wild rag is sure to make a statement. More than just white, the matte- textured fabric with paisley background makes this scarf a must-have for the show ring. $59;

Courtesy of Wild West Rags Co.

4. Custom for Champions

A custom pair of spurs will last you a long time. These spurs feature daisies on one side and smaller floral detail on the other with room for your customization. Choose from colors like turquoise or opt for a classic black. $625;

Courtesy of Carroll Spur Co.

5. Genuinely Classic

Don’t worry about this belt going out of style. With floral tabs, buckstitch lacing, and a leather inlay, this belt will be a favorite in the arena—and great for either men or women. Quality materials and premium craftsmanship make this belt a keeper for years to come. $69;

Courtesy of Ariat



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