Support Your Seniors

Give your seniors a little extra help with these products specifically designed for older horses.
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Keep your older horse comfortable and decrease inflammation, prevent or heal any injuries, and soothe his stiff muscles with help from SmartPak’s SmartTherapy ceramic mesh sheet ($199; This sheet’s ceramic-infused textile is placed over the chest, shoulders, back, and hindquarters to help warm up and rejuvenate key muscles areas. Plus, you can use it all year-round thanks to its breathable mesh material that help with venting and air flow. 

For Your Seniors

Keep your senior horse happy with these products.

1. Maintain Healthy Weight
Adding a weight builder into your horse’s daily diet can help your senior reach his ideal weight. Plus, it’ll promote healthy skin and a glossy coat. $37.95;


2. A Supportive Pad
As horses age, their bodies change—and so should their saddle pads. Here’s a pad designed to contour to your horse’s changing back and withers. $259.99;


3. Senior-Friendly Feed
Buy a feed specifically designed for seniors that has a higher protein and fat percentage, easily digestible oils, and extra vitamins in it. $31.96;