Tack Room Transformation

When you need to clean up the clutter in the tack room, these items will help.

Spring Organizing

Experience a new level of convenience in organizing your riding gear with the Easy-Up saddle rack (sstack.com). Its space-efficient design sits flush against the wall, offering large-capacity storage for up to five saddles and eight pads. The system is notably easy to assemble, featuring hook-on saddle racks and pad rods, with a sturdy base for stable support. This is a must-have tool for anyone wanting to maintain a tidy tack room.

1. Boot Bag
With its tough nylon shell and PVC mesh on the sides and bottom to help dirt escape, this bag will keep all your horse’s leg gear in one place. classicequine.com

2. Winter Blanket Hanger
The portable design with foldable arms and hangers makes it ideal for both barn and travel use, so your blankets are always neat and within reach. jtidist.com

3. Easy Dispensing 
If you keep feed in your tack room, try this out. Repurpose a laundry detergent dispenser for horse supplements, offering protection from rodents and easy dispensing. amazon.com

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