The Fashion Formula: NFR Night Outfit for Her

As we near the final rounds of the 2020 National Finals Rodeo, it's time to break out the best nighttime outfits!

The fashion that surrounds the National Finals Rodeo is something to be admired. Cowgirls—and cowboys—break out the best outfits for the nightly events. We’ve noticed a change in fashion with the location change from Las Vegas to Texas, but as we get closer to round 10 we’re sure to see more outfits that are in Vegas style with gold and sparkles! 

Shop these items at Twisted Charm at Cowboy Christmas. Michaela Jaycox

While bags aren’t allowed at Globe Life Field—and Thomas & Mack only permits clear bags—these bags are great to have when shopping all day at Cowboy Christmas. Store your essentials and place some of your purchases in here. The shoes are a must-have for nightly events. These shoes scream cowgirl with tooled leather straps. 

Shop this at Boot Barn at Cowboy Christmas! Michaela Jaycox

Looking for that fashion piece that never goes out of style? Opt for a faux fur jacket! You’ll stay warm on the cool Texas nights and you can break it out next year in Las Vegas. This jacket isn’t just Western fashion, you can wear this for nearly any event and be a show stopper in any room you enter. 

Shop this at Boot Barn at Cowboy Christmas! Michaela Jaycox

Pair these sequin pants with the fur jacket for a classy and bold look. These pants will make the perfect round 10 outfit. Wear sparkly gold on gold buckle night when the world champions are crowned. 

Shop this at Boot Barn at Cowboy Christmas! Michaela Jaycox

Complete the outfit with a pair of white snakeskin boots. Snakeskin is a classic look for cowboy boots and the tops of these boots feature a cute design that would look great with a skirt to show off the full boot. 

Shop this at Cavender’s at Cowboy Christmas Michaela Jaycox

Need an outfit that’s already put together for you? Cavender’s has this complete look that’s NFR ready. A print jacket with a navy velvet dress, a large concho belt, leopard necklace, and a wide brim hat. 

Shop this at Ann’s Turquoise at Cowboy Christmas! Michaela Jaycox

For the women who aren’t into sequins or glitter, but want to make a fashion statement this leather jacket with red faux fur is sure to stand out in a crowd. This is the Texas look we’ve seen all week, but is still Vegas approved for 2021. 

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