Things We’ve Learned as a Horse Owners in a Pandemic

We sat back and looked at all of the things we've learned as horse owners during this pandemic.

This is an event we’ve never experienced before, so we’ve been able to learn more about ourselves as horse owners. Serious and funny, there have been plenty of notable points. Here are a few things we’ve noticed.

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1. A Jolly Ball was a great purchase for your horse. OK… well maybe it was a great purchase for you. Being on “stall rest” really has given us an inside perspective as to why our horses develop quirks and habits such as cribbing.

2. That the package of disposable OB gloves in the barn has come in handy. You had them on hand for emergencies and now they are your favorite gloves for fueling up your car. People have given you a few stares, but it’s clearly because they’re jealous of your innovation.

Need some more gloves? Buy some on Amazon! Our pick is the KingSeal glove.

3. People are hoarders and panic buyers. It was OK when it was toilet paper—we can find a way around that—but don’t mess with our Ivermectin. Now we have to go to the farm store and get on our knees to beg for one tube!

4. We may also be panic buyers, though. A few extra bags of horse feed and shavings helped put your mind at ease, even if farm stores are essential. You have to make sure that under all conditions, your horse—who can’t take care of himself—is taken care of.

5. No bit is off limits. You have 100 bits, but only use one. Well, now you’re bored and have to try every. single. bit. on your finished horse.

6. Virtual competitions are actually quite fun. You don’t have to leave your home to compete and you still win cool prizes. Also, we’ve learned that the horse show world can be so kind, motivational, and uplifting.

[Join this Facebook Group to Enter a Virtual Event: The Virtual Horse Show]

7. There’s always something to do at the barn. OK so maybe we already knew that, but now we are actually able to do all of those things. And we get to spend more time riding our horses! 

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