Trivia Challenge: Colors & Breeds

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Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

1. ‘POA’ stands for:

A) Put Out of Action.

B) Product of Andalusia.

C) Pony of the Americas.

2. ‘Tobiano’ is a subset of:

A) Paint/Pinto coloring.

B) Lipizzaner coloring.

C) Appaloosa coloring.

3. To a cowboy, a ‘yellow horse’ is a:

A) ‘lemon.’

B) coward.

C) palomino.

4. ‘Snowflake’ is a coat pattern of:

A) Albinos.

B) Appaloosas.

C) Cremellos.

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. C is correct. POA stands for Pony of the Americas, a pony breed with Appaloosa coloring. The breed originated in the 1950s from Appaloosa, Arabian, and Shetland Pony blood.

2. A is correct. A tobiano Paint typically has regularly shaped white patterns, four white legs, head markings similar to those of a solid-colored horse, and often a two-toned tail. This contrasts with the overo Paint pattern, where the white marks tend to be irregular, legs are typically dark, head markings may be bold and irregular, and tails are usually all one color.

3. C is correct. Cowboys keep it simple, so the color palomino, which can range from a rich cream to bright metallic gold, is often called simply “yellow.”

4. B is correct. The Appaloosa snowflake pattern denotes a haircoat flecked with small white spots often reminiscent of snowflakes.

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