Trivia Challenge: Equine Summer Obstacles

Horses can face specific challenges during the hottest months of the year. Be prepared to help your horse beat the summer heat.

Horses can be impacted by the high temperatures, just as we can. Summer challenges can spoil your summer fun, so be prepared. In the summer, you might have to take special precautions to keep your horse safe, when the temps skyrocket. Riding in the morning or evening, providing shade, and keeping plenty of cool water in front of your horse are a few of these.

Try your hand at this trivia challenge to address three common summer challenges that can plague your horse.


Summer Trivia Challenge

Trivia Question 1: What is the term used to describe the excessive sweating in horses during hot summer weather?

A) Heat Strain

B) Sun Sweating

C) Equine Anhidrosis

D) Summer Slicking

Trivia Question 2: What is the term for a severe allergic reaction that some horses may experience when bitten by insects like gnats or mosquitoes during the summer?

A) Summer Fever

B) Equine Heat Rash

C) Sweet Itch

D) Sunburn Sensitivity

Trivia Question 3: Which type of condition can be exacerbated during the summer due to factors such as changes in grazing patterns and exposure to rich grass?

A) Gas Colic

B) Strangles

C) Melanoma

D) Influenza

Check Your Answers!

Trivia Question 1 Answer: C) Equine Anhidrosis. This condition is the lack of ability to sweat. Also called “dry coat” and “non-sweaters.”

Trivia Question 2 Answer: C) Sweet Itch. This condition can result in crusty scabs, itchy bumps, and weeping lesions.

Trivia Question 3 Answer: A) Gas Colic. Bacteria in the intestinal system can produce gas rapidly when exposed to fast growing grass after a rain.

[Here’s What Heat Stress Looks Like in Horses]

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