Trivia Challenge: Famous Sires

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1. Which well-known barrel racing sire lost his eye as a yearling? 

a. Dash Ta Fame

b. Frenchmans Guy 

c. Blazin Jetolena 

2. Which reining stud was retired after just 3 shows and is one of the most impactful stallions in the industry? 

a. Wimpys Little Step

b. Magnum Chic Dream 

c. Smart Spook 

3. Which AQHA and NSBA Hall of Fame member and all-around sire is known for more than just his impressive breeding and show career? 

a. VS Code Red 

b. RL Best of Sudden 

Zips Chocolate Chip 

4. This reined cow horse and cutting horse stallions offspring have earned more than $18 million and is an AQHA, NRCHA, and NCHA leading sire. 

a. One Time Pepto

b. Hickory Holly Time

c. Dual Rey 

How’d You Do? 

1. Frenchmans Guy lost his right eye as a yearling but it didn’t stop the palomino stallion from becoming a household name in the world of barrel racing and other Western disciplines. 

[More on Frenchmans Guy]

2. Wimpys Little Step is a $12 million sire and NRHA Hall of Fame member who is known as one of the greatest show and breeding horses in reining history. 

[More on Wimpys Little Step]

3. Not only is Zips Chocolate Chip known for his incredible show and breeding career, but his owner has a famous cookie recipe that she gave out at every show. 

[More on Zips Chocolate Chip]

4. One Time Pepto’s offspring have an impressive record of earning more than $18 million and this roan stallion is an AQHA, NRCHA, and NCHA leading sire. 

[More on One Time Pepto]

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