Trivia Challenge: Horse Vital Signs

How well do you know your horse’s baseline vitals? Try your hand at this trivia challenge to find out!


What is the normal respiratory rate of a healthy horse?

a. 8-16 breaths per minute

b. 16-25 breaths per minute

c. 10-15 breaths per minute

What can cause an increased temperature in horses?

a. Fever

b. Stress

c. Heat exhaustion

d. All of the above

What is the normal temperature range for horses?

a. Between 95-99 degrees Fahrenheit

b. Between 99 and 101 degrees Fahrenheit

c. Between 102-15 degrees Fahrenheit


  1. Answer: A – The normal respiratory rate for an adult horse at rest is between 8-16 breaths per minute.
  2. Answer: D – All of the above. Fever in horses can be caused by a variety of infections such as bacterial or viral diseases like influenza or equine infectious anemia. Other potential causes include stress, heat stroke and other medical conditions. It is always important to consult with a veterinarian if your horse has an increased temperature.
  3. Answer B: – The normal body temperature range for horses is between 99.5 and 101 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 to 38.3 degrees Celsius). However, it can vary slightly depending on the age, breed, and activity level of the horse. It is important to monitor a horse’s temperature regularly, as changes in body temperature can be an indication of illness or injury.
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