Trivia Challenge: How Well Do You Know These Historical Horses?

How strong is your historical horse knowledge? Put it to the test with these questions, and challenge your friends to try their hand at this trivia challenge!



1. T/F: Alexander the Great’s famous horse was named Bucephalus.


2. Which horse is considered one of the greatest racehorses of all time, winning the Triple Crown in 1973?

a) War Admiral

b) American Pharoah

c) Secretariat

d) Seabiscuit

3. Which horse was Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite and rode during many of his military campaigns?

a) Marengo

b) Trigger

c) Valegro

d) Warrior

4. Brown Beauty carried Paul Revere on his midnight ride to warn of the approaching British forces during the American Revolutionary War. Brown Beauty was most likely which breed?

a) Thoroughbred

b) Narragansett

c) Arabian

d) Percheron

5. The Nez Perce (Niimipu) Tribe is closely associated with which flashy breed of horse?

a) Friesen

b) Haflinger

c) Appaloosa

d) American Paint Horse


  1. True! Bucephalus was a horse known for his bravery and loyalty and became Alexander the Great’s trusted companion during his conquests.
  2. C. Secretariat’s dominance and record-breaking performance in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes made him an icon in horse racing history.
  3. A. Marengo was a grey Arabian stallion and served as Napoleon’s faithful companion during several battles, including the Battle of Waterloo.
  4. B. The Narragansett was one of the first recorded breed of horse in the United States. With great stamina and endurance, this pacing horse was beloved by many, including George Washington. They are now extinct.
  5. C. The Appaloosa horse is closely associated with the Nez Perce (Niimipu) Tribe. These horses are known for their distinctive spotted coat patterns.

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