Trivia Challenge: School’s Out—Time for Horses!

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A child is forehead-to-forehead with his horse, happy now that school’s out for the year.

1. True or false: The U.S. Pony Clubs, Inc., originally based on The British Pony Club, is an organization exclusively for youngsters who ride English.

T / F

2. To obtain information about your area’s 4-H horse projects, you should contact your local

A) homeowners association.

B) chamber of commerce.

C) county extension office.

3. True or false? The best way to start a youngster’s involvement with horses is to provide him or her a young horse to grow up with.

T / F

4. When a child is ready for a horse of her own, what’s the best way to acquire one?

A) Buy one at an auction.

B) Find one to share or lease.

C) Breed your own foal.

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. F is correct. Pony Club in the U.S. is now open to Western riders. Your child can achieve certifications in Western riding through learning and testing in skills for basic reining, trail, or horsemanship as well as horse management. (Find more ideas for summertime fun for kids and horses.)

2. C is correct. Your local county extension office will have information about 4-H horse projects in your area. Just search online for county extension office plus your county’s name. 4-H is where kids have fun while getting an education in the ships: horsemanship, leadership, citizenship, and friendship. (Check here to learn more about getting started in 4-H.)

3. F is correct. But you knew that! Taking lessons on an experienced horse with a qualified instructor or trainer is by far the best way for your child’s riding career to begin. (More on why an older, more reliable school horse is the best teacher.)

4. B is correct. By sharing or co-leasing a horse for your child, you can find out if he or she is truly ready for the responsibility of owning and caring for a horse before you take the full-ownership plunge. (Learn about equine half-lease arrangements.)

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