Trivia Challenge: Riding Stirrupless

Answer the Trivia questions below, then check for the correct answers at bottom. For more about riding without stirrups, read "The Ride" newsletter. (Not getting our terrific newsletter? See sign-up information below.)
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Cartoon horse ponders true or false

Can you answer these trivia questions correctly?

1. True or false: Riding without stirrups increases rider core strength.


2. True or false: Saddle fit is important to check before riding without stirrups.


3. Stretching before your ride...

A) allows your legs to wrap around your horse's belly

B) prevents rider soreness

C) prevents bouncing in the saddle

4. True or false: Balance doesn't affect how you ride. 

T / F

HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. T is correct. Riding without stirrups engages your core and will help increase core strength. 

2. F is correct. Saddle fit should be check whether you're riding with or without stirrups. 

3. B is correct. Stretching before and after your ride will prevent soreness and future injuries. 

4. F is correct. Balance is what keeps you in the saddle while you ride. Riding without stirrups will increase your balance and help you become a better rider. 

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