Trivia Challenge: Saddle Terms

After reading our article about bars, gullets, and trees, how well do you understand each term? Try your hand at our trivia to find out!

If you haven’t read our article on saddle fit terms, and what they mean, go check that out! Then, see if you understand these different terms by trying out this trivia challenge.

This article is part of our Saddle Up With Comfort Awareness Campaign, brought to you by 5 Star Equine Products.

Terri Cage/

1.Saddle trees can be made from:

a. Wood

b. Fiberglass

c. Styrofoam

d. Both A and B

2. The gullet creates space for the…

a. Hindquarters

b. Stirrups

c. Shoulder

d. Withers

3. Which of these terms is the only part of the tree that actually has contact with your horse?

a. Tree

b. Gullet

c. Bars

d. Saddle Horn

4. The bars dictate how much _______ room your horse has to move:

a. Hock

b. Shoulder

c. Pastern

d. Neck

How’d You Do?

  1. Answer: D – There are different materials that trees can be made from, such as rawhide, and other composite materials. But, you wouldn’t want a tree made from Styrofoam!
  2. Answer: D – The gullet creates room for the withers, so that your saddle doesn’t pinch or restrict that sensitive area.
  3. Answer: C – The bars of your saddle are the only part that actually come into contact with your horse – or should be the only part!
  4. Answer: B – The bars dictate how much shoulder room your horse has to move.
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