Trivia Challenge: Trailer Stressors Test

Do you know the risks posed to your horse when you take a long trip? Test your knowledge about trailer comfort and stressors in this trivia challenge!

This article is part of our Comfort Awareness Campaign brought to you by Bute-Less.

Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

1. How often should you stop and let your horse take a short break in the trailer?

a. 3-4 hours

b. 1-2 hours

c. 6-7 hours

d. 10+ hours

2. What is the stress hormone released when your horse takes a trip in the trailer?

a. Insulin

b. Testosterone

c. Cortisol

d. Endorphins

3. What is a common illness that can take place during long trips, especially over 24 hours?

a. Pigeon Fever

b. EPM

c. Shipping Fever

4. Your horse can lose how much of his body weight on a 24 hour drive from dehydration and reduced feed intake?

a. 5-6%

b. 12-15%

c. 20-25%

d. Your horse won’t lose any weight

How’d You Do?

  1. Answer: A –Every 3-4 hours take a short break and let your horse rest in the trailer. Park in shade and drop the windows when at a stand still.
  2. Answer: C – Cortisol is a stress hormone that can be released when your horse is loaded onto the trailer, and takes a trip.
  3. Answer: C – Shipping fever is a a rapid-onset, life-threatening respiratory infection.
  4. Answer: A – Although your horse should regain this weight quickly, understand that a long trip can take a toll on his health, and give him plenty of time to recover.
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