What is an Equine Gestaltist?

This article is part of our Mental Health Awareness Month. Brought to you by Touched by a Horse.

Did you know you can have a career where you help individuals heal past trauma with the powerful emotional connection of horses? If this sounds like something you would like to do you should consider becoming a certified Equine Gestalt Coach. In this career you aren’t just working with horses, you’re partnering with them. If this sounds like a job you’d want, keep reading to find out how you can become a certified coach.

An Equine Gestalt Coach guides their clients through a form of non-diagnostic therapy that creates a release of energy and emotional blocks.
Photo Courtesy of Touched by a Horse

What Is Gestalt Coaching?

It’s a type of coaching that helps individuals become aware of emotional blockages that are causing pain and struggle in their everyday life. An Equine Gestalt Coach guides their clients through a form of non-diagnostic therapy that creates a release of energy and emotional blocks. Clients usually feel like they left their emotional pain in the sand of the barn where their session took place.

About the Method

This method involves having a Gestaltist and a horse present with the client during the session. The horse is often referred to as the second Gestalt Coach. Together the pair provides a therapeutic approach that allows the client to deeply process emotional healing through the experiential nature of Gestalt work. The method is experiential in nature. And is one of the most efficient ways for a person to work past trauma and find wholeness in their life.

Who Needs an Equine Gestalt Coach?

Individuals from all backgrounds and ages can seek an Equine Gestalt Coach. Someone who has experienced a life change, trauma, or incident that has deeply affected their ability to grow and move past the experience will benefit.

Mental Health Awareness Month

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