3 Reasons to Try the Ranch Classes

Have you heard? The ranch classes are STILL growing in popularity since their introduction. For those who thought the buzz would die out, they might have to bake up a classic humble pie and have a bite. Between the ranch riding, ranch rail, and ranch trail classes, people can’t get enough. So why should YOU give these classes a try? Here are 3 simple reasons.

Your Horse Might Love the Change in Routine

If your horse is starting to anticipate his lead changes, scotch you in his stops, or is just bored of arena riding, the ranch classes might be perfect. With different ranch riding patterns and a variety of obstacles in the ranch trail, these classes are a great way to switch things up for your horse.

The ranch classes certainly focus on correct maneuvers and judges score contestants in a similar fashion to other classes. However, when you try out the ranch classes you aren’t going to be practicing spins and slides quite as much. You might shift your focus to perfecting your dally for the log drag, or open up a whole new world of nailing the extended lope. If your show horse needs a break from his routine, the ranch classes provide real-world application and a chance to do something different and fun.

Open to Everyone

From small, cowy, and stocky horses, to the leggy builds that were making the switch from the pleasure disciplines. Ex-reiners mixed in with roping horses, and some foundation-bred competitors as well. You’ll find some horses that were pulled straight from the home corral at the ranch where they worked cows daily. Others were seasoned show horses. The ranch horse classes have offered an opportunity to a variety of horses and riders to find success.

The ranch classes also open a door for folks to compete that don’t own the saddle with all the silver. With functional and working ranch tack recommended, the pressure is off to have the flashiest gear in the pen. One of the most enjoyable parts of watching the ranch classes is seeing the beautiful working gear used by exhibitors. Some rode with a coiled rope hanging from their saddle, others zipped up chaps showing wear from years of hard use. The beautiful colors of the show pads mixed with traditional gear like the classic romel reins or mecate reins, adds to the charm.

The Classes Are Just Plain Fun!

Honestly, if you have any inkling to try out the ranch classes, I highly encourage you to take the plunge for no other reason than they’re just fun! Mixing things up for your horse, trying out new obstacles you’d find in a ranch trail class, or practicing transitions is enjoyable for you both. These classes offer real-world practical challenges, and are a chance to show how broke and enjoyable your horse is to ride.

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Not to mention, the folks you will encounter are friendly, helpful, and kind. From newcomers to experienced ranch class contenders, people are usually willing to help you out and answer any questions you have. These classes offer a unique blend of skill, versatility, and connection with your horse. Participants get to showcase their horsemanship abilities while navigating various obstacles and patterns, which can be both challenging and exciting. The camaraderie among riders, the thrill of competition, and the opportunity to demonstrate the partnership between horse and rider all contribute to the enjoyment of ranch riding classes. The practicality of the class is another big draw for contestants.

Overall, these classes offer people a chance to showcase their horse, and try something new. The barrier to entry is lower than some other specialized disciplines, and you don’t need a bunch of fancy equipment to get started. If you’ve been wondering if you should give them a try, I’ll be the first to ask… what are you waiting for??

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