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Horse&Rider OnDemand, the full-service Western horsemanship video site curated by the editorial staff of Horse&Rider, is proud to announce the release of a fresh series of videos from top trainers. Over the following two weeks, new content will hit the site, ranging from colt-starting to Western dressage.

For the Western Dressage Fans

Trainer Tim Christensen has new content releasing over the next two weeks. This Western dressage trainer will be outlining how to work on halts as a non-pro, as well as how to practice the center line halt with a gaited horse.

Tim Christensen will discuss halts for non-pros and those with gaited horses.

Content to Start Him Right

If you’re on your own colt starting journey, Miles Baker has the content you need. Get ready to learn about how to introduce outside riding to a colt and how to do it safely. As you work with your young horse, Miles will also walk you through how to introduce collection, and when you know your horse is ready.

Break it Down With the Briggs

Step off the horse and learn about horsekeeping from these pros. Justin and Jordon Briggs bring you videos about their feed program, and their approach to turnout time.  You’ll also learn about their summer plans and what goes into seasoning a horse on the road

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