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Introduction to Sliding Stops: Using the Fence

Brad Barkemeyer shows you how to teach your horse a sliding stop by using a fence.
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Putting a Young Horse on a Cow

Brad Barkemeyer rides a young cow horse on cattle.
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Circle Drill for 2-Year-Olds

Use this circle drill to help your 2-year-old cutting horse get soft in his body and learn hand, leg, and seat cues.
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Sidepassing a Young Horse Over a Log

Teach your young horse to sidepass over a log with these tips from Bud Lyon.
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Opening Up Your Horse's Front End

Learn what it means to open up your horse's front end.
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Using Your Horse's Strengths

Learn how breeding and their environment affects your horse's personality.
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Bud Lyon's Most Popular Training Videos

Watch Bud Lyon's most watched training videos on Horse&Rider OnDemand so you can learn from the best and practice at home.
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Ranch Riding Drill

Control Your Horse's Feet in a Walkover

Learn to control your horse's feet in a log walkover with this drill.
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Staying Balanced on a Cow

Staying Balanced on a Cow

Jade Keller shows you how to keep your horse balanced while working cattle.
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Having Controlled Forward Motion

Jade Keller shows you how he gets controlled forward motion when working with a 2-year-old.
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Softening Up a Horse

Watch Brad Barkemeyer work on softening up a young horse before asking him to stop.
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Different Training Tools

Cara Brewer talks about the different training tools she uses.
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