Did You Guess Who? Clinton Anderson

In the June 2010 issue of Horse & Rider, we dared you to guess who the polocrosse player might be in the corresponding photo, with a list of clues. If you haven't guessed already, here's the answer, along with more photos from that Clinton Anderson's past.

Still stumped? Review the clues, below, that were originally listed in the June issue.with a few extra hints.

  • He won big points at a national reining futurity in 1997.
  • He has a girl named Mindy. (Hint: Mindy’s a gal with four long legs; she’s smart as a whip, but doesn’t talk all that much.)
  • He hates Mexican food, but loves a lil’ Beans. (Hint: This particular “Beans” isn’t of the edible variety, but is pretty dang adorable.)
  • He’s got a pal attending Texas A&M University. (Hint: His pal isn’t enrolled in Biology 101 or English lit.)
  • Horse & Rider dubbed him “Master Desensitizer, Commander of Respect.” (Hint: Review Horse & Rider’s Road to the Horse articles.)
  • He trained with legendary horseman Gordon McKinley. He may have come from Downunder, but his heart’s in Texas. (Hint: Stephenville, Texas, that is.)
  • His favorite words: “no,” “mate” and “worries,” but not necessarily in that order. (This one deserves no hint!)

The Answer:

(drum roll here, please)…

Why only one of your best Horse & Rider mates, Mr. Clinton Anderson!

Check out these fun pics from his past.

Clinton in action in a polocrosse match |
Another shot of young Clinton, taking a break from a polocrosse match |
Young Clinton-in-training (left) with another Team Horse & Rider member Al Dunning |
Clinton with his beloved pooch, Beans | Photo by Kevin McGowan
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