Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Fear Failure in the Saddle

At a recent Horse&Rider OnDemand video shoot, 18-time world champion Brad Lund gave riders some tips on learning from failure.

Brad Lund is a professional horseman who has left his mark at AQHA, NRCHA, NCHA, and ARHFA events throughout his career. He’s accumulated 18 world champion titles and has ridden horses to three AQHA Superhorse titles. Needless to say, Brad knows a thing or two about being a successful horseman.

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However, he will be the first to tell you that he didn’t become the successful rider that he is today without making mistakes along the way. Recently at a and Horse&Rider OnDemand video shoot, Brad had a conversation with his good friend and fellow horseman Dakota Kirchenschlager about how failure is a necessary part of becoming successful. Brad said, “Failure is a good thing, and it happens. That’s how you learn.”

Brad Lund and Dakota talk about failure.
Brad and Dakota at a and Horse&Rider OnDemand video shoot. Photo by Jillian Sinclair

Dakota agreed with Brad saying that if you want to improve at something, even out of the sport of riding, you’re going to have to fail so that you have something to work towards. “No matter what we do in the lifestyle that we lead with horses, we’re going to fail more times than we’re going to succeed,” said Dakota.

Fear of Failure

The conversation between these two accomplished professionals made it clear that failure is something you should embrace, not avoid.

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So, the next time you’re given a challenge and you’re worried you might fail at first, don’t hesitate to put your boots on, saddle up, and face it head-on. Even the most talented riders in the world had to fail before they took home a trophy or blue ribbon. But, they didn’t let a small bump in the road stop them from accomplishing their goals, and neither should you!

Watch this video to hear Brad and Dakota talk about how they’ve learned from their failures.

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