How to Get Your Horse’s Mind Focused with Andrea Fappani

Andrea Fappani breaks down how getting your horse's mind focused first, will help you soften his body and improve each ride.

Before you jump right into your lesson, warm-up, or workout with your horse, slow down. It’s important to first get his mind focused on you.  In this video brought to you by Polyglycan, hear from $7 Million Dollar NRHA rider and expert horseman, Andrea Fappani, about how he preps his horse’s mind before jumping into training. Taking time to help your horse focus his mind can get him thinking about the ride, and paying attention to your cues.

“It’s going to be hard to get a horse soft, if his mind is not soft.” Andrea Fappani discusses why you must get his mindset in the right place, first. Then, you can help him to soften his body.

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