Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Desensitizing Tool

Make your own desensitizing tool to help your horse get used to foreign objects brushing over his back, legs, and head with objects everyone has laying around the barn.

Desensitizing your horse to a variety of things will make both of your lives easier down the road. You can’t blame him for being scared of something that he’s never seen or been introduced to. So instead of waiting for that scary monster to jump out of nowhere and spook your horse, start desensitizing him to things before he learns to be afraid of them.

Make your own desensitizing tool with this tip:

Make this desensitizing tool to get your horse used to foreign objects.
  1. Take an empty feed bag and scrunch the bottom together so it is all together in one hand.
  2. Wrap duct tape around the scrunched bottom part of the bag so it looks like a broom or duster.
  3. Take a 5-inch piece of bailing twine and duct tape to your bag to make a handle.

Photo by Jillian Sinclair

Now you have a convenient tool that you can gently rub down your horse’s back, legs, and even over their head to desensitize with. You can also hang this by the handle in their stall so they can become desensitized to having foreign objects in their own space.

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