Posture Tips for Cueing Your Horse Effectively

Learn why your posture in the saddle directly affects your riding and use this tip to improve the way you cue your horse.

Posture Matters

The way you sit in the saddle directly affects your ability to cue your horse effectively. When your shoulders are slumped and you have poor posture, your back becomes round, which shuts your hips down. This affects the range of motion you have, which makes it difficult to cue your horse. When you’re sitting upright and your shoulders are back, your hips automatically open up. Use this tip from fitness expert Kelly Altschwager to improve your riding position.

Watch this video from fitness expert Kelly Altschwager for posture tips in the saddle.

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About Kelly

Kelly gives a tip on riding with good posture.

Kelly Altschwager lives in Wellington, Colorado, with her husband, Andy, and two sons, Cash and Cole. She’s an ACE-certified personal trainer; PiYo instructor; fitness expert at Fitness1 Club Wellington; and owns and operates Western Workouts, a personal-training service geared toward helping the busy horseperson. Western Workouts provides short, high-intensity routines that use everyday implements for fitness around the home. Learn more at

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