Illustration by Navah Rae Adams

1. In executing a proper leg-yield, your horse…

A) yields to your legs by moving straight ahead.

B) moves sideways, as in a sidepass over a log.

C) moves forward and sideways simultaneously.

2. True or false: While performing a leg-yield, your horse’s hind legs will follow directly in the footfalls of his front legs.

T / F

3. Clinician Warwick Schiller says the leg-yield is a fantastic schooling maneuver because it requires a horse to…

A) get organized.

B) relax more fully.

C) improve his tempo.

4. True or false: A key factor to the success of the leg-yield is that, before you ask for one, your horse must be traveling at a slow, steady pace.

T / F

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HOW’D YOU DO? (Answers below.)

1. C is correct. The leg-yield is a lateral movement where your horse travels forward and sideways at the same time. The forward aspect is what differentiates it from a sidepass, where he goes directly sideways.

2. F is correct. In a leg-yield, your horse moves forward and sideways by crossing his inside legs in front of his outside legs while keeping his body relatively straight or only slightly bent.

3. A is correct. Especially in a zigzag leg-yield—where you change directions every few strides—your horse must organize himself by shifting his weight onto his hindquarters and raising his shoulders.

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4. F is correct. To perform a leg-yield properly, your horse needs to be moving forward with energy before you ask for the maneuver.

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