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  • Ranch Riding Square Corners

    Executing a square corner in a ranch riding pattern requires a different kind of finesse than a regular horsemanship pattern. Learn the nuances here.

  • Still. Going. Strong.

    At 22 years young, this multi-talented gelding is now showing a new generation what it takes to become a champion.

  • Sit Securely to Counter Fear

    This exercise will connect you to your horse’s movement, secure your seat, and build your confidence.

  • The Equine 401(k)

    Do you have a plan for your horse’s retirement? Follow my tips for easing your horse out of work during his golden years.

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  • Solve Green + Green
  • 'Why I Ride Safe'
  • Happy Feet, Happy Trail Ride
  • Stop With the Cow
  • Roach That Mane! 

This Week's Tip

Weight Gain by the Numbers

If your senior horse needs to put on a few, first determine the number of pounds using the standard body condition score system (review the process at Then, use that...... more

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The Lame Horse: Back to Basics

Is your horse lame? Confused and frustrated by the proliferation of diagnostic tools and treatment options available today? Relax. We’ll show you how good, old-fashioned horsemanship may still be the most important part of his recovery plan. more

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Love to Own: Dat Flowing Bunny

Dat Flowing Bunny, or Flo Jo, is a 15-year-old AQHA gelding owned and ridden by Chayni Chamberlain of Stephenville, Texas. Look for him in the our July issue and watch this video of him and Chayni in...

Conformation Clinic

Evaluate and place these ranch riding Quarter Horse mares in your order of preference. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judge’s.

Article Archive

Pain in the Neck

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Problems in your horse’s neck can cause a wide range of confusing signs. These steps will help you sort things out. Read More

5 Horse-Containment Options

by Tom Moates Keep your equine Houdini safely in camp with these handy containment options. Read More

Al Dunning #ReadyToRide: Twisted Snaffle Bit

Al Dunning talks about the twisted snaffle bit in this installment of Tack Talk. Read More

Hey! It Works! Vol. 2

by Alexis Bennett Before you buy something for yourself or your horse, you want to know you’ll get what you paid for. These five products performed as promised when put to the test. Read More

What's the Buzz?

by Barb Crabbe, DVM Mosquitos may buzz, bite, and bother, but did you know they also spread life-threatening disease? Learn about the health risks mosquitos pose to your horse, and how to control the pesky beasts. Read More

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  • OnStaff at Horse&Rider

    The Start of Something New

    As I finish up my first couple of weeks with Horse&Rider, it is finally sinking in how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to work for such a well-respected publication. Growing up I remember looking at...... | more

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