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  • Showmanship Tune-Up

    Mastering the showmanship starts at home. Here I’ll offer some advice and share different exercises you can practice with your horse to improve your score.

  • Slow Medicine

    The field of veterinary medicine is on the fast track. Learn how the ‘slow medicine’ movement may help veterinarians embrace technology without sacrificing personal connection.

  • Trends for 2017

    What’s new and exciting for riders and their horses this year? Here are a few things on our radar to keep an eye on.

  • Trainers on the Rise

    How do you make it as a pro in the horse world? Find inspiration for your own riding goals from these snapshots of six up-and-coming trainers.

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Soften New Reins

Stiff reins are tough to use. Soften them with these steps. This process will slightly darken the leather.... more

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Soften New Reins

Stiff reins are tough to use. Soften them with these steps. This process will slightly darken the leather. Read More

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With this survey, we want to know the length of the longest horse-camping trip you’ve taken. Please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the June 2017 issue of Horse&Rider. Read More

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    Winning The Congress

    For the first time in a long time I'm watching the All-American Quarter Horse Congress from my trusty computer. While I don't miss the unpredictable weather (it's 70 degrees here in Boulder), or the...... | more

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