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  • ‘Why I Ride Safe’

    These riders don’t mount up without head protection. Read their stories, so you can decide if a helmet might be right for you.

  • Stop With the Cow

    The stop sets your horse up for success when boxing a cow.

  • Go for Roach

    Learn how to roach your horse’s mane in four easy steps.

  • Surviving Green + Green

    It’s the ‘forbidden’ match—a green rider on a green horse. If you ever find yourself in this situation, follow these strategies to up the odds that you’ll wind up safe and successful.

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  • Ace Your Trail-Course Approach
  • Choose Good Everyday Gear
  • Understand Genetic Testing
  • Reinforce Responsiveness

This Week's Tip

Summertime Hazards

Credit: Photo by gjohnstonphoto/ While hot weather persists, follow these tips to protect your horses. Fire: Maintain fire breaks for 20 to 30 feet around all...... more

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Al Dunning #ReadyToRide: Twisted Snaffle Bit

Al Dunning talks about the twisted snaffle bit in this installment of Tack Talk.

Conformation Clinic

Evaluate and place these Quarter Horse geldings in your order of preference. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judge’s.

Article Archive

#ReadyToRide: Ride With Rhythm

Al Dunning teaches you to ride with rhythm. Read More

Horse Containment While Camping

by Dan Aadland We were camped under aspens at an idyllic spot where two creeks met, our tent on high ground between the gurgling streams, our spirits not dampened by the several inches of new wet snow that weighed Read More

Gallop Poll: Color vis–à–vis Disposition?

We’re having a bit of fun with this survey. We want to discover if any coat color seems to occur more often in horses with good dispositions…at least among H&R readers’ horses! So please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the November 2016 issue of Horse&Rider. Read More

Lyme Disease—Causes, Treatments?

An owner learns about this serious illness, plus what she can do to keep her gelding safe. Read More

Those Seasonal ‘Mare Issues’

You describe the challenges you’ve faced as a result of your mare’s heat cycles. Read More

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  • OnStaff at Horse&Rider

    Giving a Leg Up

    At a young age my horse trainers expressed the importance of attending different clinics that were offered at horse shows and at the end I always walked away realizing there was so much more to learn...... | more

  • The Jurga Report

    Horse Fly in the Sky: Can Equestrians and Drones Co-Exist?

    Be sure to smile as you gallop across the field. Or trudge from your house to the barn. Unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs" or "drones") are everywhere, whether you and your horse want them to be or not. Some horse owners and community officials are taking steps to protect the safety of horses and the privacy of property owners. How are horses getting along with these giant horseflies in the sky? ... | more

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