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  • 10 Tips for Ranch Logs

    Here are 10 hints for practicing over logs and poles to help you perform better in ranch riding and ranch trail classes.

  • Feel-Good Work for your Senior Horse

    Check out these tips for exercise strategies your old guy will enjoy and benefit from.

  • Seniors That Still Have It

    Age is just a number, at least when it comes to these six senior horses.

  • Lead-Change Precision

    Use my best lead-change drill to sharpen your horse’s lead change or banish bad habits, such as leaning into the change.

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Repurposed Dish Brush

Though mud and muck might be your wintertime reality, don't let that get in the way of clean white points. Here's how to clean up whites quickly for a late season event.... more

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Evaluate and place these aged APHA geldings. Then see how your choices compare to our expert judge’s.

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Learning to ride in your 60s poses unique challenges, but nothing you can’t overcome—with the right attitude. Read More

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Is flatulence a sign of extra trouble in a horse with heaves? Might a hay steamer help? Read More

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You imagine what your horse might ask out loud—if only he could talk. Read More

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  • OnStaff at Horse&Rider

    Winning The Congress

    For the first time in a long time I'm watching the All-American Quarter Horse Congress from my trusty computer. While I don't miss the unpredictable weather (it's 70 degrees here in Boulder), or the...... | more

  • The Jurga Report

    After the Fall: How pink is your concussion? (What women riders need to know.)

    The vet didn't know what hit her. She just knew her head hit the concrete barn floor when the horse she was treating spooked. And as if having a head injury wasn't enough, her life became complicated with doctor appointments, missed work, and fears for both her health and career. Enter Pink Concussions, a head injury awareness group that is asking questions that will make equestrian heads spin.... | more

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