Can You Pass This Joint Health Quiz?

This quiz is part of our Joint and Hoof Health Awareness Month brought to you by Cosequin Joint Health Supplements.

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What do you know about joint health? Take our quiz to find out.
Learn the importance of joint health.

1. What does MSM stand for? 

a. Methylsulfonylmethane

b. Methylprednisolone 

c. Methylsulfonmane 

2. True or False: Joint supplements can also offer healthy hoof growth?


3. What is glucosamine? 

a. It’s an amino sugar that the horse’s body uses to produce and repair cartilage.

b. It’s injected into the joint to create lubrication. 

c. It’s good for inflammation. 

4. What should you look for when shopping for a joint supplement? 

a. A supplement that addresses inflammation. 

b. A supplement that increases mobility. 

c. A supplement that provides joint lubrication. 

d. All of the above. 

How’d You Do? 

1. MSM stands for Methylsulfonylmethane. It is derived from DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) and is an organic compound containing sulfur that is used to produce collagen and connective tissue. MSM helps give collagen stability and strength to support joints.

2. True. Cosequin’s ASU Joint and Hoof Pellets are a combination of high-quality, scientifically researched ingredients to support joint and hoof health. The addition of biotin, copper, zinc, and essential amino acids methionine and lysine provides comprehensive hoof support.

3. Glucosamine is a common ingredient in joint supplements. It is an amino sugar that the horse’s body uses to produce and repair cartilage. It’s most commonly derived from shells of shellfish and is often combined with chondroitin in oral supplements from horses. 

4. All of the Above. Many supplements are targeted towards a specific joint problem, but it’s good to find a product that will cover all of your bases to improve overall joint health. 

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