Al Dunning


#RideWithAl: Follow the Pattern's Rules

Al Dunning talks about learning the pattern and doing it exactly how it's drawn.
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#RideWithAl: Do You Have a Show Horse?

Al Dunning explains what a 'real' show horse is.
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#RideWithAl: Correction Bits

Al Dunning explains what correction bits are and how he uses them in his training program.
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#RideWithAl: Clear the Shoulders for a Lead Change

Al Dunning explains how to clear your horse's shoulders to perform a flying lead change.
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#RideWithAl: 5 Must-Have Pieces of Equipment

Al Dunning explains what his 5 must-have pieces of equipment are.
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Horse Training with a German Martingale

Get to know this training tool that’s been part of my program since I was a youth rider.
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Chin Straps

Find the right chin strap depending on your event, your horse’s age, and the type of signal you need to communicate.
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Reel Him In

Draw reins improve your horse’s collection for better self-carriage and handle.
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Saddle Pads Made Simple

Think you know everything there’s to know about saddle pads? Think again! Brush up on your knowledge for a happier, more comfortable horse.
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Get a Handle on Hackamores

Hone your horse-headgear knowledge, and learn the ins and outs of the traditional hackamore.
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Cued in With a Cavesson

Use this headgear to up your training game and get your horse honed in on your cues.
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Western Back Cinches: Key Facts

For safety’s sake, select, use, and clean your saddle’s back cinch with care.
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Training Hackamores for Finer Feel

Improve your horse’s feel on the trail or in the arena by learning to use, fit, and care for a training hackamore.
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Selecting a Western Breast-Collar

Learn the ins and outs of breast collars to become a specialist on this popular piece of riding equipment.
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Understanding Horse Cinches

Brush up on your front cinch know-how to help ensure that every ride is a fun and safe experience.
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