4 Things to Know About Aging Horsewomen Intl.

Aging Horsewomen Intl. is a Facebook group with over 50,000 women who united over a shared passion for horses and for well, just being women.

The founder and two admins of the Facebook group Aging Horsewomen Intl. sat down with host of The Ride, Michaela Jaycox, to talk about the group and how the group has grown from one woman seeking out fellow horsewomen in their golden years to a sisterhood between 50,000 women. Here are four things you need to know about Aging Horsewomen Intl. before you listen to the podcast.

Courtesy of Aging Horsewomen Intl.

Tune in on Tuesday, February 4 to listen to the full-length episode of The Ride.

1. Aging Horsewomen Intl. reaches over nine countries.

The group started in the United States but has grown to truly be international. With members in England, Scotland, Italy, France, Belgium, Egypt, Peru, Chile, and Canada, the group is only looking to expand its reach and welcome more members.

2. Part of the Facebook “More Together” campaign.

The campaign focuses on Facebook groups and finding a group of people who share the same interests as you. Facebook noticed Aging Horsewomen Intl. and the engagements within the group, so they sought them out to partner on the campaign. The goal of the campaign is to highlight the community-building aspects of groups. Which is exactly what Aging Horsewomen Intl. is doing, building community.

3. The group has been featured on a Times Square billboard.

As part of the “More Together” Facebook campaign, members of the group were photographed and featured on billboards in cities across America, including Times Square. Billboards can still be seen today in malls and at bus stops.

Courtesy of Aging Horsewomen Intl.

4. Philanthropy work and equine therapy.

Founder of the group, Sharon, uploaded designs to Café Press where members—or anyone, really—can purchase a t-shirt with the design and proceeds go to Heroes and Horses. Heroes and Horses offers equine therapy to veterans, a cause that the group is passionate about. 

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