Horse We’d Love to Own: Hez Heaven Sent

Hez Heaven Sent aka Diesel is the best friend every horse-crazy kid would love to have. Read all about Diesel to see why he is so loved.

Hez Heaven Sent aka Diesel is the best friend every horse-crazy kid would love to have.

Photo courtesy of Brett Duncan.

About Diesel

Diesel is a 14.3h Quarter Horse gelding owned by the Duncan family. He helped teach both of their children, Addison and Hannah, to ride and show and has done almost every event you can think of. From ranch riding, Western pleasure, trail, equitation, showmanship, and everything in between. Even though she’s now an adult, one of his favorite kids Hannah still rides the 24-year-old horse on a regular basis.

Photo courtesy of Brett Duncan.

Forever Home

“We leased Diesel for a couple of years and his owner decided to sell him when my brother and I stopped showing as kids. We knew he had to stay in the family forever so she gave us a great deal and the rest is history,” says Hannah.

Little Horse, Big Appetite

Diesel loves snacks, but he doesn’t settle for just a regular horse treat. Hannah says his favorite treats are Krispy Kreme donut holes, specifically the ones from the gas station.

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A Kind Soul

“I love how kind he always is, you could ask him for anything or do anything to him and he wouldn’t think twice. I love how he likes to lay down at every horse show, I always make sure to soak up the snuggles now that he’s getting older,” says Hannah.

Photo credit: Jillian Sinclair

The Best Teacher

Diesel helped Addison and Hannah fall in love with showing horses. After learning from Diesel for years, and even teaching him to swap leads, Addison is now working as a horse trainer in Pilot Point, Texas. Hannah is still riding and showing during college and competing for her university’s IHSA team. Diesel boards at her coach’s barn and he is used for team practice and competitions.

Outside of the college team, Diesel continues to teach people of all ages to ride and helps them fall in love with the sport, too. Hannah says, “Now he is retired and loving to give lessons! He especially loves the little girls that give him all of the treats after they ride.”

Fun Facts

The best horses are the quirkiest ones, and Diesel is no different. “He loves to put his teeth on things. He never bites, but he will just rest his teeth on anything and everything,” says Hannah.

Eventually finding his way to the all-around arena, Diesel was started as a reining horse. “He was originally started as a two-year-old for the reining, but never made it because he wouldn’t go fast enough,” laughs Hannah.

“Diesel wasn’t much of an all-around horse when we got him because he bounced around from person to person up until the age of 14 when we got him. We started asking him to re-learn all of his buttons and he did anything and everything we asked of him, even jumping cross rails! He’s stuck with us forever now and I don’t think he would rather have it any other way,” shares Hannah.

Photo courtesy of Brett Duncan.

A Lifetime of Memories

“It’s so hard to pick a favorite memory of Diesel, we have so many. Of course, the horse show wins are fun and memorable but I think my favorite memories will always be riding him around bareback without a bridle while we throw in some flying lead changes and go over trail obstacles,” says Hannah.

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