Straight From the (Old) Horse’s Mouth

If you own an older horse, these senior horse care tips will help to keep him healthy, happy, and sound as he ages.

Hey, there. Can I share some pointers with you?

Hi, it’s me. Old Faithful. True, blue, and handsome, too—even in my, whatta-you-call-‘em, golden years. I know you love me and want me to be happy, and I appreciate that, kid, I really do.

So here are some tips for ya. From my whiskery lips to your ears. About senior horse care. Listen up.

First, good on ya for stayin’ hooked up with those Horse&Rider folks. They got it happenin’ and they always have my best interests at heart. What I’m going to do here is pony up some of their best senior-horse-care stuff, so you can keep all this good info front-of-mind, so to speak. Make use of it.

Here we go.

Creaky joints. Darn, I hate ‘em. Make me feel my age more ‘n anything. If you’re not already following a preventive plan to protect my aging hocks, knees, and pasterns, click right here. And it’s not just for me, either…because the sooner you start taking good care of a hayburner’s joints, the likelier those joints will stay sound “for the duration,” if you get my drift.

Arthritic joints. Yeah, more on joints…I told you they’re a pain. And for old guys already struggling with that dad-blamed osteoarthritis, you gotta follow the tips you’ll find here. They’re from a good vet, and she says they’ll “minimize discomfort and improve quality of life for your horse.” Don’t that sound grand? I think so.

This ‘n that. OK, that’s a mite vague, true enough. But it’s because you can find a smidge of everything that matters to us codgers at this spot. It’s from Dr. Barb (that’s what we four-leggers call H&R’s consulting vet, Dr. Barb Crabbe. She’s a good egg). It covers the very latest on vittles, chomper care, gut worms, and bum-leg advice—all tailored for us oldsters. Tape this one to your forehead.

Get a move on. Now, I know what you’re thinking. And, yes, I DO love to just stand around, thank you very much. But I also know that movement is what the fancy-pants experts call a “fountain of youth.” Don’t know exactly how that works, because water is what comes out of a fountain, duh. But still, keeping me going is apparently what keeps me going, so be sure to click here for the very best ways to go about it.

Get off my back! I don’t mean you, kiddo, I mean that bad-fitting saddle. Did you know my back changes shape as I age? Brush up on that and other back matters here, in another great package of advice from Dr. Barb.

OK, that’s it. Thanks for the ear, and for everything you do for me—I do appreciate it. Because of owners like you, the old gray mare—or gelding!—ain’t what they used to be…they’re better.

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